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Absolutely wonderful game, with great dialogue/plot points and beautiful art. Karma's was my absolute favorite route, but Waltz's was a very close second! The Rod line was a little odd, with him being her step-brother and all... but hey, to each their own. Totally worth the time to play and 10/10 for playing it again!


One of The Best Cinderella Stories that I enjoyed :) I loved of the stories of the characters.

my favorites story is waltz's story

I job well done guys on this game and thank you so much

it an amazing rollercaster story to play

:) :D :)


lol xF

I was scrolling through the comments before playing this game to see the reviews and didn't understand this, but now that I've played it, I'm laughing too hard.

ikr :>


Thanks dude XD 

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Thank you so much for making this game!
Fritz's route is heartbreaking, and was really thought provoking while Waltz was the best looking, and his route generated the most tears (Kudos by the way)

Fritz and Varg all the way though <3

I liked that it wasn't always clear cut as to which good deed it was that triggered the extra piece to appear, and to have Lucette question the motives of everybody is excellent-  it's just the other side of the coin.

The soundtrack was great as well! I loved 'Piano' and 'Calm' piano pieces. is there sheet music available?

Much love from this player ^^

Hi! I've got a question. It says: A downloadable Visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

But I only got a download link for the artbook on Android. Is the game also available to play on that platform?

Hello. The artbook isn't available on android though. The game is out on Android but there are display problems at the moment so we suggest playing it on the PC instead.

That's weird...

I actually got the artbook (which is beautiful by the way) on my phone (Android) I just downloaded it after donating. So it is possible. Thanks for answering~

Woops sorry. You can actually download it so long as your phone can view pdfs 😅

I wish there's are more. My favourite route is Waltz. He is so cool.

Thanks for creating this game. This is the best otome game I ever play. If I could, I will play the whole game again.

This game is gorgeous!! I just spent the entire afternoon playing Karma's route. The sprites, the story, the characters, the music, the bg art...everything is beautiful. I was so invested in the game that i forgot how long it was, but it made me glad. I can't wait to play the other routes!!

There's not much I can say to show my appreciation for the creation of this game, thank you so much for this gem... I really loved the characters, music, story and art. You guys did an amazing job, I'm truly grateful for the time and effort spent in creating this wonderful piece of work. Thank you again, and especially so for making this free for everyone to enjoy, you're a saint/angel/fairy/good witch! :)

I just finished playing every route and I'm quite pleased with this game.  I took the plot build up list as something else entirely, though. So I thought Rod was somehow more cannon than everyone else, and was super confused as I played through a couple of times. I just read it wrong. xD 

Fritz's playthrough had me super stressed, I probably enjoyed his route the most, because of that, but Waltz is my favorite. 

Good game, art, music, and characters! I enjoyed this!

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I absolutely LOVED this game! The art style is beautiful and the OST is absolutely amazing. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that Waltz and Fritz's routes were locked at first, but after playing through the other routes, I highly recommend doing Fritz and Waltz's routes last. I decided to follow the recommendation of which routes to do and it's amazing how the story unfolds when you use that order. I loved each and every one of the original characters and think that all of the fairy tale curses were well-fitted and creative. I would rate this game 10/10. Thank you Dicesuki for the amazing visual novel.

Dear Dicesuki,
This game was AMAZING. I swear I cried at least once on every route, both good and bad.  I loved every character, and I loved how there was a lot of character development and how in some routes we (The MC) changed more and less depending on our actions. It felt real to me, and it made each character feel much more human to me. The writing is amazing, and you get so attached to each character that you want every character to get their fairytale ending. (Except for the evil ones of course) It really made me feel like I was in a fairytale, and the thought put into every aspect of the game is unimaginable. Hands down the best visual novel I've seen in a very long time, and a visual novel of that quality, it's almost unbelievable that it's free.  I was looking down at the other comments and saw that you're making a Sequel (for all routes or just waltz'?) and I'm looking forward to it. 

Thank you so much for this amazing game! 

so like i just made an account to talk about this visual novel. 

first of all, i'm not even done with my first route (which is Karma's) and i am already in love. this is absolutely amazing, an easy 5/5 stars from me. from the music to the art, its nearly flawless. not to mention the story line, it definitely isn't one of your cheesy, cliche romance. i am loving the character development so far. honestly, as someone who likes such games, this has got to be one of the best out there. words can't truly express my feelings. i shall get back to playing Karma's route now ;)






I usually don't enjoy vn's where I can't really 'play' and read all the time

By my lordy.. something bout Rod made me wanna read.

Everything was fantastic... (I just wish Rod wasn't a stepbrother.../ happier ending)

-chronic otome/vn player

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This game is amazing! I played all the routes and I love all of them. Fritz and Waltz are my favorites, maybe because they are both in a way loyal to a fault. I love how each character has their own problems and how the storyline for each route is slightly different. I was surprised by Rumpel, he ended up being more romantic than I thought he was going to be. I liked how independent she got on Karma's route, with insisting to being able to fight and all that. Rod was great too, I really liked his personality and their interactions it just felt wierd because they were step siblings. The bad ends were heartbreaking and the good ends were happy but bittersweet when some of their friends died. The game was beautiful and creative all around. Overall, a great game, keep up the amazing work!

Wow. Where to start talking about this game?

Okay, so I play a lot of VNs (I admit it, I'm addicted). But this one far surpassed most, if not all, of them. 

For one, all of the characters are so well-rounded. I started out hating Lucette, but I grew to like her more and more as she grew as a person. All the love interests, too, were multi-faceted characters with their own stories, desires, and flaws, not just people for the MC to fall in love with. I even found myself rooting for and wanting to know more about the side characters, like Annice, Jurien and Garlan.

Two, the artwork was spectacular! I cannot believe there were so many CGs for every route — but hey, I'm not complaining. XD The backgrounds were incredibly detailed and really added to the overall impression of this game, and it was so easy to see the emotions through every character's face and body language.

Three, the action was so gripping. I found myself sobbing a lot, and not just at the bad ends. Fritz's good end, especially, made me tear up because it was so bittersweet. I loved how every character had their own complex, personalized storyline, and not just a side romance.

Four, I loved how these weren't shallow love stories — instead, every route and character explored a different idea. For instance, it's pretty obvious that Lucette's own character development is based on the idea of goodness. But there's also Karma's route, which juxtaposes beauty and ugliness, and Fritz's route, where we see the darkness inside every person. It's rare to find a game with such strong messages that forces me to think.

All in all, this VN made me root for the characters, swept me up in a fantasy world, tugged at my heartstrings, and made me think about human nature in a different way. Thank you for this amazing game!

Dear Dicesuki, 

Thank you so much for making this game! I originally downloaded this game for free, but when I played it (and by the time I finished playing it), I was so in love with it and so grateful for it that I came back to give whatever small contribution I could give. 

The characters are all extremely loveable, though Waltz is by far my favourite and Rumpel less so. Would it be weird to say that I kind of liked Waltz more in his boy form, and that I wished Varg had more of a future (he can't help his circumstances but still loves the MC all the same, so he basically kills himself to give her happiness — how sad is that?!)?

I really appreciate all the effort that you put into the game by giving each character a different storyline. Otomes usually just alter the ending a little bit to adjust for the player's choice, but you went all out and gave us 5 different but equally marvelous and touching stories, and for that, I thank you. 

Sometimes the CGs' proportions were a bit off, and sometimes I wished that the CGs concentrated on the face of the guy instead of on the MC, but the art was beautiful all the same. 

All in all, great game! I'll have a hard time finding a VN to equal this, where all the characters are real and their character developments  are gripping. I'm so glad I decided to download this game on a boring day. :) 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Dicesuki... Daisuki...! <3 Congratulations on your success on the game! The writer is a genius! I love games with great stories, not just pleasing to the eyes and ears, but leaves a big impact enough to remember for a long time...! I love it! If ever you continue your work, I look forward to more of your games in the future. 

Much love. xx 

-from your loving fan

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're happy that you enjoyed the game. Please look forward for our future games :)

>SPOILER< Will there be a sequel? Because at the end of Waltz' route it was all like "Well what about After Happily Ever After?" WILL THEEEERE???

Yes, and that is the teaser. ;)

will you have to pay for it?


i wonder if can like have a percentage of at least 70% right answers to get to good end, if not everyone need to refer to walkthrough for it. as i noticed even when there were only 2 or 3 wrong answers, i still get to bad end. is good that the answers in the prologue doesnt affect the routes.

That is why we added the "right choice indicator" feature in game so everyone can easily obtain the good ends. Also, you are allowed 2 wrong answers. :D

Mkay so I have not yet finished all the routes but I'm posting a comment anyways because I AM HAVING FEELINGS SO


Like a few people have said this game wasn't big on my radar, although I have been keeping an eye out for it. Now that it's actually out I'm blown away. The characters are so enjoyable and heartfelt, the drama is nearly impeccable, and the story is engaging and beautifully illustrated. I've fallen in love with the romancable characters in a way that only the best VNs can provide. 

So far I've played through Rod, Karma, Rumple, and am almost done doing Fritz. The routes have been wonderful for the most part, but I do have some complaints. (HERE COME THE SPOILERS) Some of them are personal preference (character death makes me sad and I wish certain good ends were less bittersweet) and some of them are not. I was pretty disappointed with certain story choices like having more Varg than Fritz in Fritz's route and then making the three way romance turn out as yet another love triangle instead of what would have been a very satisfying polyship. I feel as if there's a bit of an issue with this game of causing us to fall in love with characters and their stories and then not letting us see them be happy or have much presence in other routes. I get that this is typical of otome, especially with the love interests, but I at least wish we could see a little nod to our emotional investments in them paying off.

Still, as I said this is an amazing game, and I'm hardly going to stop loving it because of this. I can't wait to play more, and see what games Dicesuki will create in the future!

Hello,I am so excited to find this chance to talk with you.

I am a player from China,and i know this game from STEAM.

You know that AVGs(Adventure Games)like this game is very popular in Asian.Especially there are many famous AVGs in Japan(And some of them was adapt for anime).So I played a lot.

But actually this type of games in English are seldom to see in China.Because of they are not translated.To be honest I didn't want to play this game at first , because for myself, it is so tired to read the story with so many words in English.

But I still play it just because your game has its own glamour.I like the subject matter about  princess with the background of European palace.But it is less seen because of the cuture difference.Even if we try to make a game like this,we cannot do as well as yours.

So why don't you try to have this game translated into Chinese?I am in the belief that it will be very popular in China.Not only it is different to others in the phenomenon but also the character of heroine and the absorbing story make this game become so great.What a pity that so many lovers  of this type of game in China cannot know and play this game.

I am a college student now.It is a long time not to use English so my English become so poor now especially English written.....and i am shamed for that.But it is not so difficult to play this game.And i believe that my English will be much better if i study it.

And....I have not finished this game but it is so good so I want to share it with my friend.I will write more about this game when i finish that.Love it ,and thank you so much.

Hello there! Someone has already offered to do Chinese translations. Hopefully we will able to release it someday :D

Thank you for the kind words!

I. Am. So. Happy.

I will be brutually honest.  I had no idea this had a kickstarter or any sort of backing and had virtually no knowledge of this game, and when I saw the title, I was

But holy god, I am so happy I picked this up and played it.  I have lost sleep to play this game, smiled because of this game, and ultimately, CRIED over this game because it is so beautifully written and executed that you can't HELP but cry.  (rip parfait tho i cried many tears there).

I think the thing I like most about this game is how UNIQUE each route is.  In a lot of VN's, the story doesn't really change regardless of the character, and that is definetely not the case here.  I played the routes in the order listed on the page and honestly it was a wild experience.  I love how some parts of the story don't come to fruition until you've played others...etc,etc, the boys are all beautiful etc,etc... 

I just really love this game.  Thank you.

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Second post since the first one became so long lol. 

Art - Art was GORGEOUS. I love all the CG's given. Only complaints would be proportions, but it wasn't like they were horrible or anything. It's not much of a big deal. Also when the characters would come close to you they would get fuzzy. And this is my personal tic, but I didn't like the eyeless characters. Like I understand why you made them like that but they kinda scared me haha. 

Music- Gosh there were a few tracks that captured my heart immediately. They were Beauty, Melancholy and Forgotten. Gosh, I just want to play these pieces on the piano so badly. Really, truly love them.

Gameplay & other- Gameplay is like any typical otome game, didn't see any spelling errors or such. Easy to know right or wrong choices. Enough save slots. Screen, settings, CG, etc. layout was clean and pleasing to look at. 

Overall - I really loved the game. I sincerely believe it is the best otome game I have ever played. I still cannot believe it is free and I appreciate that (coming from a broke HighSchool student). Each character meant something to me and they were all memorable. I loved how in each route you would learn more about different characters and it wasn't like they were all the same. Each route had its own special thing going on and I appreciated that. And well, I don't have anything else to say. This is seriously my favorite game. I cannot wait to see another game released by you guys and I will be eagerly waiting. 

Score: 10/10

Well, I have finished all the routes in 2 days and I have to admit, I cried during all routes. Normally I don't get emotional to that extent for any story but man, did this game hit me hard emotionally.  Now onto (SPOILERS)

Rod- Okay Rod scared me at first because he hated the MC so much. And it is completely understandable knowing that the MC was cold after all, but I loved how they grew closer. I think out of all the guys, the relationship with Rod felt the most meaningful. It was nice to see the MC changing herself and paying back for all the rude things she did to her family. And Rod is just adorable when he's trying to be nice haha.  But most of all, I can't get over how selfless he is. He would die to keep his friends and family happy. I'm a sucker for people like that.  The ending was bittersweet for me too, since there's still (obvious) problems with their relationship, but I trust it will turn out well. Overall, Rod is my favorite character and route.

Karma - Karma was such a fun character haha. And he becomes such a beautiful girl, I'm jealous. I think what I enjoyed most was the MC trying to make herself stronger and learn sword fighting with him. Idk, it just felt really admirable that she wants to take a stand herself.  Normally a personality like Karma's would drive me up the wall but he had a nice balance between overly flirtatious and self-absorbed to then serious and caring. Also when the MC walked into him changing. ;) Let's just say that was great.  Tbh, I would've loved to see a grand royal wedding as the ending. It would've been fun and very sweet.  Or go to see Karma's kingdom and family. Overall, my third favorite route.

Rumpel - Okay I had to admit, the moment Rumpel came onto the screen I immediately disliked him.  It's just, his personality is one I can't stand. Some might compare him with Karma, but Karma was much more serious overall. Like the MC had told him before, the constant flirting just seemed disingenuous. I can never take a person seriously like that in a romantic relationship. Now that's not to say he's a bad character. I do appreciate that he cares for everyone (to a fault). Didn't say I particularly liked the ending either, but then again, I was kind of against him from the start.  I have to admit, I did appreciate him much more in the other character's routes. But in the end, I think I have the same view of him as his ex-fiance. He's a great guy and I want the best for him, but I know I could never truly be with him. Overall, obviously my least favorite route.  (P.S, He looks way better without glasses lol) 

Fritz - I liked Fritz in the beginning, he's a very sweet and loyal guy.  But I have to admit, I was waay more interested in Varg.  You can blame this on me being interested in bad boys more haha. Although I did like this route, I felt it was incomplete. I really needed more on Fritz's personality and him as a person. I wanted to see more of him crossing into Varg's personality, as it was indicated that Varg is a part of him simply retaining control. But in the end, Fritz just remains that typical perfect sweet guy. I think it would be interesting if he became more morally gray like Varg. Or I would have loved if there could be another ending, where you end up with Varg. I just think there was so much more that could've been done with Varg, and I'm disappointed we didn't get more. Overall, love both sides of Fritz and he was my 4th favorite character. 

Waltz - Now I obviously saved the best for last. The moment I laid eyes on Waltz, I fell for him immediately. I love his character design and I love his personality. I enjoyed how he and the MC had a relationship before all of this. Kind of like with Rod, I guess this makes the relationship more real and genuine to me. I thought it was adorable how Waltz would complain being called a kid, and then act like one haha. But I think with this route. more than I appreciated Waltz, I really felt for the relationship between the MC and her father and the kingdom. I'd say this is the route that made me cry the most. I loved how the MC grew closer with the townspeople, how she played with the children and helped the Dad out. It was really touching to me. And when they stood up for her, ugh I broke down. I think this was the route the MC really grew the most as a person, and it was touching. Although her father did die, I'm happy she was able to mend their relationship. Last note, LOVED the last picture.  Overall, my 2nd favorite guy/route. 

Other Characters- First of all, all their deaths in the routes made me cry. Sometimes I felt closer to the side characters rather than the love interests. Not that it is a bad thing.  I bloody loved the relationship between Jurien and Garlan. It was so cute and man do I want to be best friends with the two.  I would've loved a Garlan route, but I love his love for Jurien so much that I could probably never play it lol. Annice is an absolute darling and I wish we got to know more of her as a person. I loved that we got to know the truth behind the doll's  dress too. Parfait is an absolute darling too. I loved her so much. Even though she was weak and hurting, it never really showed. She always put everyone else before herself and I admired that. Personally, I would've loved to learn more about her relationship with the MC's mother. And now my favorite of them all is Delora. Her death hit me the hardest. I think the friendship between her and the MC was beautiful and there is so much to her than you initially think. I really really adore her. 

Overall, this is my thoughts on the characters/routes. ^/////^

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Originally downloaded on Steam. Came here to make an account to review and throw money at this. Seriously, why is the free?!

This has to be one of the best VNs I have seen in a long while. It's far better than most the paid ones I have seen. Artwork, music, and stories are all beautiful. I also love that fact that each romance option has his own unique story to follow instead of just a slight change to the ending like most do.

All 5 stories are incredibly well written and even my 'least favorite' (Rumpel) is still amazing. Though I will state the my favorite (Waltz) of them all blew the other four out of the water for me. I do have a soft spot for the mischievous dark haired magic men. 

Each story brought me to tears and I was fascinated by the twist each of their Fairy Tails had. Great work on this! Im just sad that I have now completed it and it will likely be a long time before I find something to rival this.  Anything this good deserves my money. I hope and look forward to more from you in the future. 

This game is one of the best otome games I played, and this is coming from a person who isn't really into this type of genre (total tsundere haha), anyway I downloaded this on Steam, as I was looking for a new game to play ( even though I have exams 2 days after I'm writing this ) I found Cinderella phenomenon figured id give it a go. I just finished my first route which was Rods, I finished his route in 2 days, I played for that long I just couldn't stop.  I love reading, Rods the story-line is so beautiful, I teared up at the ending! And now I'm regretting that I finished his route so fast :( The artwork is so amazingly beautiful too, at points I would just stare at my monitor just gazing into it admiring how everything looked. From the characters to the buttons on the screen. The music is so soothing and even now I'm listening to the menu theme while I'm typing this! So calm and soothing. 

I'm looking forward to doing the other routes, although I'm so sad since I loved Rod's route so much I don't really want to forget about it. All in all, this is one of those games where you ponder about the journey you had and how fun and meaningful everything was while lying in bed once you finished the game. Thank you so much for making this game! Reasons why I really want to be a games developer in the future. Hopefully, I'll be able to make games as cool as this one.  * Secretly wishing there's Cinderella Phenomenon 2!!!  * >_< Thank you so much again!

Thank you so much for writing your thoughts about the game so far! We really appreciate it!

There would be no CP 2 but there will be a fandisk (afterstory) //winks

yess!!! i heard about it on tumblr xD , cant wait until its out!

if its out, when can i see it besides Tumblr?

This is so good. If you don't how you feel about like me, try it out.  You won't regret it, I didn't like it by first glance but after I downloaded i wish i downloaded it sooner.

It is such a good game!! especially considering its free. I donated, but i feel like its not enough, I'm probably gonna try and donate more. Its such an emotional and well drawn game, and each route you learn something new that the other route didn't have. There are lots of surprising moments, i would recommend this game 100x over, the art the story, just everything about it is so amazing! 

Hello there. Thank you so, so much for the support! We really appreciate it! 

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER. Thank you so much. I was crying at some moments. But I would love it, if there was a rout with Varg.

Thank you so much! Varg already has a route ;)

Varg has a rout??

Varg is Fritz, therefore he has a route. ;)

Yeah, but him as an evil character. It would be kind of fun if Varg won over Fritz.

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Unfortunately, we won't be making that route as much as we want to give Varg a spotlight.

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Hello, I initially downloaded this game on Steam and already left a review there, but i really wanted to come on this page personally too and created an account just to comment...xD

First of all this game was beyond expectations. Everything was just amazing. I love how you decided to create different story-lines for each of the different characters. I honestly appreciate the hard work that was put to create those different plots. I really prefer this style of otome game. It really differs from others where the story-line remain constant with only sentences changing according to the character/route.

Second, the characters were so well designed and written. I played according to the recommended playing and don't regret it at all (though i'm still left with Waltz route - exam period came up, so i had to wait for holidays, which just started, to play it, haha). Honestly before seeing the recommended playing order, i had already decided to play Rod's route first. I usually start with my least liked character, (which in this case was Rod) but while playing his route i became fond of him and was so heartbroken with his bad ending TT_TT Well, to be honest all bad endings were heart-breaking, especially my favourite: Fritz/Varg (Waltz is also my fav, but since i haven't played his route yet i can't say..xD). In any case, whether there's a fav route or a least favoured one, playing all routes were a real pleasure.

Third, I also so loved the protagonist. I really empathised with her throughout the game and on some occasions she literally made me cry. I felt so bad for her. She might have been cold but she's honestly a really good person. She's also sensitive and did realise how people didn't like her, so her cold exterior is due to her surroundings and also how her mother brought her up. She believed only her mother loved her so she kind of rejected those around. Plus her dad did nothing in helping her when she lost the person she loved the most so no wonder the major trust issues she has. Throughout playing the game i felt that it's not her fault that she is the way she is and that after everything and then getting curse it was kind of unfair. Though the curse did help her get pass that barrier she had put around herself and she started to trust others too. Honestly she's such a great and strong-willed protagonist that you just really love her.

This is such a great game that i honestly wouldn't have mind paying for. Therefore when i came here and saw that we could donate while downloading the game, i felt that i really do want to donate so that at least it could help your team and you in your future endeavours. Is there a way i can donate directly without having to re-download the game here?

Also, i would like to know if you have any further projects concerning Cinderella Phenomenon? Especially concerning Varg, i'd like to explore more of his side of story cuz i like him so much. I'm sure there's more to him than the "big bad wolf" he claims to be (plus it was so heart-breaking how he sacrificed himself and let Fritz took over T_T it made me feel so bad T_T).

P.S: I forgot to add, i'm extremely in love with all of the soundtracks too. It made me much more immersed in the game. 'Tears', 'Tick Away' & 'Forgotten' affected on such an emotional level, especially considering all those emotional scenes it was played on.

(Sorry that it became that long. I usually lose myself when i'm writing passionately about something i've loved...xD) ^_^

Hello there! First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughts about the game. We're really happy that you enjoyed it! Hopefully you can play Waltz's route soon (so you'll know the king's backstory //winks)

As for the donation, we believe you can just cancel the download once you've clicked it. Thank you so much for the support!

Deleted post

Not really. Each route has a different timeline so it doesn't follow the same timeline as his own route ;)

Deleted post
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TL;DR - New Update Malfunctioned

This is an amazing game and my friend and I are really enjoying it, but Just yesterday we went to open it up on Steam and all we got were Errors and the game won't open at all. We tried updating steam, restarting steam, updating everything, and even restarting her computer and nothing worked. We went to uninstall and reinstall the game on Steam, but Steam said it was already in her library when it wasn't.

We went to here to download the game and even decided to pay y'all $10 for it because we loved it so much, but it gives us the same exact error message. It's really frustrating both because we are recording this game for our YouTube channel, and honestly we just really want to finish it.

Hopefully this comment will draw y'all's attention to the problem and we can all figure out what's wrong and so we can figure out what the fuck is up with Karma.

Thank you for your time and I hope everything work's out!

Hello there. We apologize for the inconvenience. It's strange that the game won't work on both steam and pc version for you guys. 

Can we ask what kind of error you've encountered? Screenshots would be super helpful so we'll know how to deal with it. Please email it to Thank you for the support and once again, our apologies for this.

I love this game so much, and now that I've completed all of the routes it just leaves me with an empty feeling. Positively,  mind! Like knowing that you want to play more but that there's nothing more to do :( In terms of character I liked Karma the most (and you're dating a CROWN PRINCE. I mean how fitting is that?!) but in terms of overal storyline I liked Waltz more. The only thing I kinda regretted was that there was no way for me to side with Mother! Call me evil, but I'd have loved to see a Varg/Mother route in which Lucette hasn't really changed at all. Or maybe some sort of route in which you redeem both of them.

Any chance this game could get an expansion? Maybe too much to hope for though, lol. Anyway, thanks for making this amazing game!

Hello there. We're very happy that you enjoyed the game. Thank you so much!

The fandisk (afterstory) is already in the works now, but it will be commercial this time and will be sold for $10. :)

I just downloaded and finished Karma's route on this game, and wow. I had no idea how much I would adore and love this game. Thank you so much! The story was amazing, I can not say enough about how much I appreciate the craft you've put into this game- and you made it free. I will definitely be donating because content this good just has to be paid for. Thank you again.

Thank you so much for playing! We really appreciate the support! :)

Most people that play Rod's route claimed they felt uncomfortable with the fact that Lucette and Rod were step siblings. However, personally while I do see where they come from this, I quite like that uniqueness to his route. It kicks it up a bit with the "Forbidden Love" theme which I can't help falling for! xD Rod's character development was very sweet and wonderful hitting me with the feels every chapter with every interaction with Rod that comes with it. Wonderful job and may I wish good luck for the bright future of your game and that  fandisk that, needless to say, am eagerly anticipating for it's release!, will come out as great as the game, if not better!

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Review: Download this! It's really too wonderful and too sweet <3


Other bit with spoilers and personal reactions to things: 

I just finished playing all the routes completely, starting from Klaude, then Rod, then Rumpel, then Fritz, and finally Waltz (save the best for last right?).

Suffice to say I'm crying and trying to stop crying right now.

The MC's childhood is too relatable and, she's grown so much more than I've ever imagined.


Karma: Who couldn't be enamored with the one who saved you the moment you pressed "left" because left was not right? I sort of wish it weren't so difficult to recognize him as a beast, but he made three play-throughs worth it <3

Rod: I don't know. He was really sweet and kind despite everything. I wasn't sure what to think because the MC and he were step-siblings.

Rumpel: It wasn't until after the game ended that I started to appreciate him. While playing his route I was bored and kind of annoyed by his constant flattery--because how can anyone feel close to a character that gives compliments which act more as walls than anything? Afterwards though, I felt pretty endeared to everyone in the game. He's more memorable because I feel bad for feeling bored.

Fritz: I felt the things that transpired were a little scattered, like living in a dream. But I wish I knew what made his other self come to be.

Waltz: The one that made me cry, haha. I'd been hoping to break the curse of the boy doing magic the moment I saw him with Karma. Imagine my surprise when he was the middle of the stained glass windows? Played his story last because I felt that if I finished his story, I wouldn't be willing to play the other stories. Cinderella and Peter Pan, those are my two favorite fairy tales.


It makes me sad that games are like fairy tales. There's so much that teach people how there's good in the world and how people can change and become happier and warmer. Yet when I think of myself, I'm stuck as the ice princess before she found friends (not really, but it's pretty similar). Pity. But a sweet fantasy is really wonderful because it lasts in one's memories yes? Thank-you all for this game <3

Thank you so much for writing your thoughts about the game and the routes. We really appreciate it!

I am really glad that I found this game. I was hesitating at first if I should play it but turns out that it was one of the best decision I've made in my life (lololol *insert right choice indicator). I love the music, the characters, the story,  and the art. Thank you for creating this wonderful game.

The uniqueness of every route is one of its good point. If you read the story in every route very well by heart, you can feel the connection between them. In my opinion, Karma has the best route. Though I must admit that I didn't like Fritz route that much because some things felt so sudden... however his route have its own charm.

All of the characters are loveable too.  My top three favorites are Waltz, Karma and Rod. I'm deeply inlove with Waltz. Why do you have to make him so charming? 

Anyway I recommend you to play this game. Don't think twice, you'll never regret it.

I love how this game was put together, from the artwork, to the character development and the Grimm Fairytale curses. This by far has been the best visual novel I have played. Karmas endings, good and bad were both amazing. I had so many emotions going through me. Ugh thank you for making this wonderful game.

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I really love this game and appreciate your work deeply from my heart!

I just fell in love with Klaude at the first sight!

Can't help to finishing his route immediately!

He is really my type and he shines I cannot even see the light from others.

I have completed Karma, Rod, Fritz's route and going on Waltz right now.

I can see a lot of players like Rod, but I don't like him and Rumple at first so I'd rather play them at last if I don't have to. Comparing the faces finally I choose Rod as my second choice.

Back to Klaude, I knew that he is not simply a noble. His sword dance is quite fancy and I can't help to fall for a gentleman like him.

I really like people who are truely themselves and behave as they really are, not pretend to be good. Even Klaude is under a mask and disguise as Karma, a beautiful lady, but he acts who he is and he is the ones kind to Lucette at first (Same as Fritz and Waltz, so I also like them).

Klaude has his pride and fear not to tell his curse to Lucette at first, I wish he could trust me and tell his curse completely that he would become a beast, but it's ok I finally tell him I did not mind his appearance.

Klaude's good ending is also my favorite, I wish I could encounter a man just like him.

BTW, the whole novel and words are artistic, I love it and I can feel the beauty and elegance in there even though I'm Chinese and bad in English.

I will come back with more comments after I finish all routes.

Love your work and wish to see the fan disc. I would buy it without a thought.

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