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Four years after the end of the Great War and the loss of her mother, Crown Princess Lucette of Angielle is still struggling to come to terms with her new life and step-family. Cold-hearted and bitter, Lucette fails to recognize the suffering of those around her as she is consumed by grief and resentment. But Lucette's life is once again turned upside down when she becomes a victim of the Fairytale Curse.

Join Lucette as she goes from riches to rags and journeys to regain her life and break her curse.


  • Heroine's name can be changed.
  • 5 routes, each with a unique storyline.
  • 10+ side characters, each with their own backstories.
  • 10 endings.
  • 250,000 to 300,000 words.
  • Original BGs.
  • 60+ CGs.
  • Opening Video.
  • Original theme song.


  • Fritz's and Waltz's routes are locked at the start of the game. You will need to complete two of the three routes available at the beginning of the game to unlock them.
  • If you would like a recommended playing order in terms of the build-up of plot, here is our recommendation:
    • Rod
    • Karma
    • Rumpel
    • Fritz
    • Waltz
  • The game has the right choice indicator (rci) feature that tells you if you made the right choice. It appears as a crystal on the right upper corner of the screen followed by a magical sfx. It may show up belatedly so be sure to watch for it!



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is anyone else unable to download the game? It starts trying to intall but in a few seconds it stops. Im using a mac btw.

Hello, I realized that even though the sequel is out, this game has never been translated into other languages? If possible, I would love to participate in a translation of the game in French, I have seen in the steam community that others would love to help with as well! If this the least we could do to make this wonderful game more accessible, I would love to help as well!


Just saw that th FD came out so I had to revisit the original after i haven't touched it in years! Need to refresh before I play Evermore :D


This game is very beautiful and magic, I played it on Steam :D


Even though you cannot really customize the character, and after learning that the choices aren't as vast or as personalized as other VNs, this is definitely worth it. This was the first VN I had ever played and am quite fond towards it. The story was so well written and executed, that I genuinely became attached to the characters and the MC, and it's one of the few VN's that left me feeling sad after it ended lol. Download it for sure.




aaah~ so excited for the release of the sequel! it sucks that i can't play it bc it's paid :(

There's gonna be a sequel??


Yes, there is going to be a fandisk, whose release is set to next week (December, 22). The fandisk is called Cinderella Phenomenon: Evermore.


I already did a review on the Lemmasoft forums, but I need to do one here, too. All I can really say is WOW. Like, this is top quality. I cannot believe how amazing this game is!! It's free, yet up there in quality and amazingness with games like Amnesia. I love it and really loved Karma's route. This was a great game! 


lololol i use the name luciette and ash in like- every game i play cause theyre so uh- familiar? ive played the pretenders guild and loved the mc, even though im not much like them so thats why i use ash for some games. onto why i use luciette, yknow how the original name was lucette? yeah lmao idk how an i got in there, but i just used to name cause it sounded nice lmao. anyways, great game! i love rumpel and karma smxjasbkvs i genuinely though karma was a girl at first :p sorry this is so long


Y'all play this


Just letting everyone know that the sequel, Cinderella Phenomenon 2 is coming out December 22nd, according to the developers' tumblr and twitter! The wait is finally almost over! We will finally get to play the sequel to this amazing game!


ahhh I’m so excited! But it’s paid so I probably won’t get to play it sadly ;-;


eyy I can't wait to play it


This game is extremely amazing and moving! 5/5 really. 

My favorite route is interestingly Rod's. His type of character is usually not my type and his route doesn't really shed the whole truth, but it's one of those endings where everyone got a happily ever after. And I enjoy seeing Lucette bond with her stepsister greatly, and Rod and Lucette definitely have amazing chemistry!

Karma's route is the one I liked the least (despite his character being interesting), it felt somewhat draggy while the latter routes, Fritz and Waltz are just depressing.

The graphic, audio and everything in this game is topnotch! But, my favorite character in the end is Lucette! Really enjoyed watching her develop throughout the game and in all the routes.

Rod is also my favorite match for the heroine. I totally agree that Lucette and Rod have great chemistry together.

And Lucette is by far my favorite character too.


Yes, she's one the best female characters in otome. <3


played this game years ago! i remember loving this game so much! with covid and all ive been spending a lot of time going through my old games, and i wanna let you guys know how much i loved playing this game. and ill actually be replaying it later this week! thank you so much for creating such a magical and amazing game for anyone to play <3 sending all my love to you!


I remember playing this otome game about 3 years back and had been searching for it. I'm so happy that it's still up and running and that I finally found it!

I just want to say thank you 


Don't forget the they will release a fandisk. Right now, the release date is set to be December, 22, 2020.


I played this game in 2017 and omg I was so happily surprised that it was free, today I came back to play it again, I am so grateful for being able to play such and amazing visual novel, really thank you for your hard work!


This game is hands down one of the best visual novels I have ever played. I can't express how much I enjoyed playing this, how many emotions I felt, how many times I wanted to cry. If you're not sure about playing this, please give it a try and it's free so you have no excuse! The soundtrack is amazing, the game is extremely well polished and it's obvious how much thought and work went into this just by looking at the small details such as the character name in the save files (it changes!). I even love the small transitions between scenes.

I would recommend following the recommended playthrough as the story builds up on each of the previous routes. I love how each route brings new information to light and you befriend different characters, some of which are more complex than they seem. My favorite side character has got to be Delora and I think my favourite route was either Waltz or Karma, can't decide which, with Fritz being a close second. (Rumpel I found the most boring)

I think the only criticism I have is that the bad endings tend to cut off the story. When you've just realized that you're on your way to getting a bad end by some character dying or things just turning out really bad, the story is abruptly cut off with a "Bad End" screen. No epilogue, no conclusion, nothing. It's like you're watching a movie and someone pressed the stop button. There are other visual novels where I've gotten bad ends before but they tend to take the story to the end, show the reader what actually happens to the characters (+ the kingdom) and how the story ends. This one just kinda stops like in the middle of a battle or with the character simply losing consciousness. The only route where this didn't happen was Waltz's bad end. That was a better epilogue than the rest.


this game is epic! istg. very recommend to play!! nice plot, nice characters esp karma :'))))) i lowkey hope that you can make varg and myth route soon! i'll wait for your next otome project or sequel maybe? ahaha. 

Thanks for made this game! 


aight chief. waltz's route had no goddamn business making me cry that hard and fall that in love.

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I just played and this is marvelous! It's so good, love it so much! In games you usually have a character you hate but in this one you'll learn to love everyone and their curses are so well implemented, it really suits them. I was so curious about everybody's curse. I also love the main character, I'm tired of always playing a goody-good heroine, a flawed heroine is always more interesting. I've finished all the good and bad endings, and I highly suggest to either go for the bad endings first or don't go for the bad endings anymore after you got a good ending because they'll just break you. EVERY single one of the bad endings broke my heart. I've picked Karma first, then Rod, Rumpel, Waltz and then Fritz. The game was so worth it!

Will you considering doing a android version?


I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this game! I fell in love with each and every character I came across and cried more times than I want to admit. This game gives you so much, especially since you can download it for free. The characters, the art, and the story line are amazing, I just wish I could play it for the first time all over again just so I can experience it from the start :)


This game is actually TOO good! You can't go wrong with any of the routes! I played the Karma route first then I played Rod, Fritz, Waltz, and finally Rumpel. I didn't think I would like Rumpel at the beginning but I actually loved them all! I don't think I've ever played a game so fast or been so addicted! I can't wait for Evermore! I love them all for different reasons, but maybe Rod or Karma are my favorite. Overall this is hands down the BEST game I've ever played! Thank you Dicesuki!

I did the same order. lol

(2 edits) (+2)

TLDR; take the plunge and play the game. Play it in the suggested order too. This game took up 4 whole days of my quarantine life. Thank you Dicesuki (cutest name ever). I played the game for free and bought the art book after because that's how much this game enchanted me. <3

I'm literally so late to the otome game hype. I tried them when I was younger but I never liked them. This, however, holy cow. I have a hard time comprehending literature often as English isn't my first language. Each story took me a few hours to complete because I just loved the art style and writing. The story and world-building is quite cohesive and the way the game stays true to MCs personality is really what brings it all together.

Typically, otome game MCs are super submissive and timid, almost no character. Lucette, on the other hand, is such a relatable (maybe not to everyone) and complex character that has obvious pains and struggles because of her past.

I can't rank the boys, okay? The age thing doesn't bother me because it's probably set way back when. Lucette is 17/18, youngest love interest is 16 and oldest is 24. Honestly, when playing games like these, it's best to suspend your belief.


I love this game so much! ~ my Fav is Rod but second one is Fritz <3 


Lucette and Rod are my OTP too. It's so nice to see comments from other people who like them too.


MC: No, no, no, no

Screen: Bad Ending

Me: No, no, no, no!

This game was really refreshing compared the other games I used to play. Playing this game has probably been the most fun I've had during this pandemic. Though, I've only played through Karma's story first, I'm excited to see the rest. I hope there would be a second game or even a console game. Considering their are little to none Otome games on console, but I've seen at least multiple guy visual novels.

There will be a fandisk, Cinderella Phenomenon Evermore, which will be realeased November, 27, 2020 according to Dicesuki's announcement on tumblr.


Also, early access would be open on the Nov. 20th! Not sure how that'll work, but you probably have to sign up for the early access.

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Aaaaaah I love this game so much (T~T)

I played this game a few years ago but I didn't have an account back then so I never made a review, but I'm here now to say that this game is amazing!! I remember playing my favourite routes multiple times and going back to try and get all the endings, both good and bad. I still cry over it ;-; 

I'm definitely going to go replay the game after I finish writing this, it's been years and i missed the characters so much! But I just had to write this first ^^


I LOVED ROD'S ROUTE AAAAAA- He is definitely my favourite and I missed him so much (T~T) But his good ending was bittersweet for me, I wanted them to be able to be happy in peace but they could only be together in secret ;-; The one downside to his route- was the fact that they were still step-siblings at the end, I didn't really like that ;-; I wish there was a way for them to be together without having to be step-siblings. bUT I STILL LOVED IT!

The story and their interactions were just too good! He stole my heart in his route. It was  the first route I played and I wasn't expecting much but it was so good, he set the bar very high for the other routes. 

I actually wasn't expecting Rod to be the character that I would like the most. When I was looking at all the characters before I played this game, I thought that my favourite would be Waltz or Fritz! But then I played it and it was Rod! But Karma is a very close second.

I had a lot of high expectations for Waltz because his type of character is usually one of my favourites in Visual Novel/Otome games, but from what I remember from his route.. it was very.. plain? I don't know, it's been a while. Maybe my opinions will have changed, but Rod was just too good. <3

AAAAA how could I forget? I also really loved Delora! I loved how she was like a motherly figure.

Anyways, I am definitely going to go replay the game now! It's been years and I missed everyone (T~T)


Rod is also my favorite match for Princess Lucette. They are my OTP from CinPhen.

The fandisk CP Evermore will be released November, 27, 2020. It's a good opportunity for us, Lucette x Rod shippers, to see what happens with them after the events of the main game. Dicesuki said the fandisk will be fluffy, so I'm confident it will have a very happy ending for Lucette and Rod.

many people dat play this game is single...  do u agree with me?


Can anyone else not install this via the App?


I can't either :(

Unfortunately, it's a desktop game, which means you can only play it on your computers/laptops.


As much as I enjoyed the game, my main complaint is how one of the routes is the MC basically dating her brother. While yes, it's not really dating someone related to her by blood, it does make me uncomfortable because adopted/step-families are still families. Making Rod a dateable option, for me personally, made me unhappy for families that do adopt or are step-families and families that are not necessarily related entirely by blood. I still love the plot/curse of Rod's route, and it was fun, but it did make me uncomfortable to a point (though they at least somewhat acknowledged it).

Waltz was nice, but in comparison to the other routes I found him rather boring. In all the other routes, both the MC and her love interest develops as a character/person that ends up working together... but in Waltz's route, he just 'taught the MC to be good/kind' and he stayed exactly the same. 

That's not to say that I disliked the game; the art is gorgeous, the UI was beautiful, and I really liked the writing and all the characters; the two complaints are above are the only complaints I really had about the whole game.

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I love this game overall, it has a good plot, good characters that grow and it's basically like the Cinderella story but at the same time nothing like the Cinderella story

But I have to say, Delora is arguably the worst character, what I mean by that is, she's really mean. first she has the audacity to say "you're heartless" despite knowing  how neglected she felt and how justified her attitude is, she's mostly raised by her mother for god's sake! And her Mother wasn't really a god example for a child to follow either! She felt her mother was the only person that loved her and felt like even her own father didn't want her and treasured his step children more then he cared about his blood related daughter, DO YOU KNOW HOW BETRAYED SHE MUST'VE FELT? And I lost my mind the second she said "Cursing you was the only way" OR SOME BULL CRAP, YOU WERE A TALKING DOLL, YOU COULD'VE SAID SOMETHING LIKE "If you keep acting like this you don't know what bad things might happen" AND MAKE SOMETHING BAD HAPPEN AND TELL HER THIS EVERY NIGHT SO SHE FEELS PARANOID INTO DOING SOMETHING GOOD, LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO FRICKING TAKE HER WHOLE LIFE AWAY, THAT'S FRICKING MESSED UP MAN, THOUGH NEITHER IS MAKING HER PARANOID BUT I'D DO AT LEAST SOMETHING ELSE

And saying Delora is the worst is just an opinion, I just don't...like her, she just makes me uncomfortable I guess

Excuse me, that's all

Edit: Did I actually say that? I do think Delora is rude and didn't need to take her whole life away but what I said is phycological torture, What the heck was I on???


have u played fritz's route tho? delora is sO sweet




bruh i wanted to date Delora


Lol, to be honest, your scenario of what Delora could have done instead (telling Lucette bad things will happen if she doesn't change, then orchestrating said bad things, and doing this repeatedly every night, making her paranoid) is way worse--that's straight-up psychological torture/warfare 😂

Meanwhile, there's precedent in actual fairy tales for curses to have been used to teach people lessons to help them change, which Delora even mentions in the story 😅

I admit that in the early routes (Rod, Karma, Rumpel) you don't see as much of her so you mostly get her mean comments, but she's also trying to play "bad-cop" to Parfait's "good-cop" in order to prompt/goad Lucette into changing, and her relationship with Lucette progresses much more than that in Fritz's and Waltz's routes.

Therefore, I don't think it can be reasonably said that Delora is worse than Lucette's mother, who literally murders people (including Delora's daughter, who was a young child) and brainwashed and abused her own child 😕

I never said Delora is worst than Lucette's Mother,  Hildry is way worse.  I'm sorry that you misunderstood, I meant that Lucette is clearly trying to follow her Mother which isn't good and has personal trauma I guess


Ah, gotcha, I guess I took "arguably the worst character" a bit too literally 😅

And yes, 100% agree with you on the bit about Lucette imitating her Mother due to personal trauma (and brainwashing and magical memory wipes). I guess my disagreement is that while I don't deny that Delora can be mean and harsh at times, especially in the early routes, I would NOT say it makes her a terrible character. It's my perspective that this is a somewhat intentional part of their strategy to change Lucette--Delora plays "bad cop" to goad/anger Lucette and Parfait plays "good cop" to even this out. 

Lol, and I definitely stand by my thought that your alternative for how Delora could have handled Lucette is WAY worse than what she actually did 😂😂😂. I'll take some petty/occasionally actually hurtful comments over psychological torture 😜


why does it take me to a mediafire site when trying to download the game? the sute isn't secure at all. i thought it would download like usual. not take me to an external, unsafe nd unsecure link that's broken. i'll skip this.


Dude, just download it for free on Steam, it's not a big deal. And as far as "dowloading mediafile sites" go, mediafire is pretty damn legit compared to many others, cool yo jets 😅


if it's not a "big deal", why aren't you able to download it the usual way? I'm not downloading anything if the site is unsecured and the lock is broken. I'll skip on steam too. 


Have fun skipping on a brilliant story then 


From my experience on Mediafire it's completely fine nothing malicious happened at all; I've used it for almost 10+ years to download games. While it's completely fine to be pre-cautious, you shouldn't let it stop you from playing a game. I played on it via Steam because that's how I found the game, and Steam is a pretty secure platform. It's also another platform where you can find other games like popularly Danganronpa, DDLC, Bendy, etc. or more obscure/ lesser known games like this and Crush Crush. I don't know any other ways to play the game... so yep

(1 edit) (+10)

This game is just amazing!! I fell so much in love with the story! Be prepared to laugh and cry, and just be enchanted with the world and characters brought by Dicesuki. 

Lucette, the MC is a badass. Her character at first might seem to rough but as the story moves along, you come to understand her and see where all that attitude is coming from. 

All the routes are very charming and have a very original spin on the fairy tales, but Karma for me is the best, followed by Walts and Fritz. 

I could say so much more of this story but I will let you all go an experience it for yourself. And the best is that a sequel is coming up at the end of this year, so it is the best time to sail away and start shipping ;)


I won't lie and say it's not got an interesting premise, but it's also painfully heterosexual and transphobic. One of the routes is incest. I wanted to like this game and I went in without reading any reviews or anything, but...I don't.

(1 edit) (+36)(-3)

Bro, just because something is heterosexual doesn't mean it's "painful," and just because Karma took offense at being hit on when he was disguised as a woman doesn't make the game or it's developers "transphobic"--that's a little extreme. This is a free game loosely based on fairy tales that happen to be heterosexual in nature. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy gay/lesbian/bi visual novels too and own more than a few myself, but just because a small-scale game doesn't have gay representation shouldn't make it "painfully heterosexual."

Also, Lucette and Rod aren't related by blood and have only known each other for a year, so it's not like they were raised as siblings. Therefore, I wouldn't count it as "incest" in a way that should squick people out. Will it cause problems in the political world? Yes, absolutely. Is it gross? I'd say no, for the above reasons (not related/no sibling bond). Like, if the "incest" could literally be solved by the parents getting a divorce, then it doesn't really count as incest in my mind  ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍


I guess now is almost the rule to include a route with a gay/lesbian/bi character in an otome game, but let's not mark a game as painfully heterosexual if it doesn't have one. Let's just enjoy the games for what they are. 

And I agree with @AverageWeirdo on the incest topic. It was indeed something risky to add a route with such a complicated background, but the characters are not blood related, and barely now each other, so in essence they are not really family. 


I wholeheartedly agree with you on all points. The OP comment was tactless and unnecessary. I own several LGBT otome games\VNs myself and I enjoy the representation but I'm not self centered or entitled enough to throw a fit about the heterosexual games that exist. At it's base, A VN like this one is an extension of  a story or part of the artist and they don't owe you ANYTHING in a story they are giving you to play for free. People really will complain about anything, even the things handed to them for little to nothing at all. It's unfortunate.


Yeah, that's going too far. If a game doesn't have representation of all minorities, it doesn't make it vicious in any way. And your incest comment is a stretch since they are not blood related. I think it's sad that the world has come to this, that something is of less value because it didn't meet absolutely everyone's expectations. How about just enjoying a well-written story for what it is?


I agree with you fully. 2020 is such a sad year. I hate to think of what's to come.

No one goes to the yaoi developers and whining about not including hetero content there. Otome in the first place  is genre where girl could romance beautiful boys. .I. 

Who gives a fuck if the game doesn't include a guy with a pussy. The game doesn't have to live up to your shitty irrelevant standars.


yikes, thanks for the warning. incest routes (even if they're adopted) already squick me out, but transphobia? eww


theres no transphobia or homophobia in this game lmao and they arent blood related tho it did weird me out a little other than that the story line and art is amazing i totally recommend playing it it

(1 edit) (+6)(-2)

There's nothing really wrong with it. This user is just spreading false information and going to the extremes about the game just because it doesn't have any LGBTQ+ representation, which personally is okay because our community shouldn't expect nor should feel entitled that every single romance game has to have LGBTQ+ rep.  The game devs are really kind and professional, especially when I've reported a few bugs in the past. Plus, the siblings aren't even blood-realted at all,. One of the few reasons they became apart of the family was because of Rod's wish to be a prince.


This game is absolutely and utterly fantastic!!!! One of the best otome games (and it’s unbelievably free!! I would definitely donate if I were bot such a broke college student T_T). Kudos for the people behind this project, you are all soooo amaziiing and wonderful ♥️. I personally liked Rod, Waltz, and Karma’s route <3. I liked the romance going on between the MC and Rod (I don’t have a fetish between incest or something //>_<//). I just don’t think it’s weird since they didn’t really form some ‘siblingly’ bond or relationship and the forbidden romance + bittersweet ending was juuust *~*, I was suprised enjoyed this route a lot. Karma’s route was a good introduction to the game and wasn’t plot-heavy. Waltz was just absolutely magical and nostalgic. I still liked Fritz route but I think the MC’s relationship with him went too fast since it was really mostly Varg.Rumpel’s didn’t just really ‘clicked’ with meI really liked how the MC’s personality slowly developed throughout the story. Overall the game is fantastic and magical!! <3 . More power and future projects for the creator/s of this game! <3


I can say that this is hands down the best I've played so far. The art is beautiful and the plot and characters were so well-written. Each route was unique even if they tell the same story. The choices you make are important and really has an impact to the story as a whole. Karma is best boy but I also fell in love with Varg. This made me laugh and cry. I can't wait to play some more!


Right? But I wouldn't say each route tells the same story--if you play the game in the suggested order (Rod/Karma/Rumpel/Fritz/Waltz) you really see the story progress and evolve, with more pieces of the puzzle being revealed in each route, and all of them together form one overarching story, which I LOVE (/≧▽≦)/

(1 edit)

so i caught wind on the steam community that you guys are planning to release a route for varg

just wanted to know if this is true so i dont get my hopes too high

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