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Four years after the end of the Great War and the loss of her mother, Crown Princess Lucette of Angielle is still struggling to come to terms with her new life and step-family. Cold-hearted and bitter, Lucette fails to recognize the suffering of those around her as she is consumed by grief and resentment. But Lucette's life is once again turned upside down when she becomes a victim of the Fairytale Curse.

Join Lucette as she goes from riches to rags and journeys to regain her life and break her curse.


  • Heroine's name can be changed.
  • 5 routes, each with a unique storyline.
  • 10+ side characters, each with their own backstories.
  • 10 endings.
  • 250,000 to 300,000 words.
  • Original BGs.
  • 60+ CGs.
  • Opening Video.
  • Original theme song.


  • Fritz's and Waltz's routes are locked at the start of the game. You will need to complete two of the three routes available at the beginning of the game to unlock them.
  • If you would like a recommended playing order in terms of the build-up of plot, here is our recommendation:
    • Rod
    • Karma
    • Rumpel
    • Fritz
    • Waltz
  • The game has the right choice indicator (rci) feature that tells you if you made the right choice. It appears as a crystal on the right upper corner of the screen followed by a magical sfx. It may show up belatedly so be sure to watch for it!



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I wish I could rate this game more than 5 stars because this game definitely deserves ALL of the stars and awards>o<

i finished this game! so now i wanna write my full thoughts on it, apologies in advance for how long this comment is.

i really enjoyed all of the characters! i definitely think, if you're going to go for all the routes, you should play them in the order that's recommended. (rod, karma, rumple, fritz, waltz.) i don't like getting info repeated to me, or having to sit through a route when you know some crucial thing but your character doesn't, and playing in that order minimizes it a lot. each route unveiled some more info that i didn't know yet, and the retreading of things you already know doesn't take that much time. waltz's route also definitely felt like a true ending.

when you play through every route you really end up loving everyone. somehow, rumpel went from a route that i thought i was just gonna play to complete the game, to one of my favorite characters... though all of the characters are basically my favorite characters now. rumpel and fritz's routes ended up making me fall in love with waltz before i even got to his own route. all of the routes are great, but waltz's and fritz's are a step above, tbh. if nothing else, you should play this game for their routes (and since you need to play 2 routes to unlock them, you might as well play all the routes!). fritz's made me almost cry about 3 times, and waltz's had me crying before i was even halfway through. the writing in this game is truly top notch.

i really want to specifically praise the way lucette's relationship with her father is written. i also have a very strained relationship with my own father, and i related maybe a bit too much to her in that sense. the writer(s?) handled it with a lot of grace and made it into something realistic and beautiful. thank you for that, genuinely. it really touched my heart.

this game has so much polish. considering its a free game, i was surprised. the right choice indicator, the little chimes that play as you hover over options, the beautiful art (i feel that rods sprites are especially well drawn), the intricate dialogue box, all of them give this real sense of class to the game. it genuinely feels like a visual novel i would be willing to pay $15-25 for. 

my only real gripes with the game would be:

1. the fact that you're still step siblings with rod no matter what ending you get. i dunno, i love rod, i like his personality, his design, his story, ect, but it feels odd to play a route where your mc is dating their own step brother. and it gets brought up multiple times in the text. i get that they arent blood related, but... it just sits strangely. also

 [SPOILER WARNING FOR ROD'S ROUTE] i wish it was covered somehow, is the king in love with ophelia solely because of rod's curse? did the king love her before, but only go to find her because of the curse? or did he have no clue she existed, but because of the deal rod made, he fell in love and sought her out? maybe it was implied, or said somewhere and i'm forgetting, but i would love to know. though i guess if it wasn't explained, it could always be explained in the sequel. [END SPOILER WARNING]

2. that theres not an annice route!!! holy crap i literally fell in love with annice as soon as she appeared. every time lucette was mean to her it hurt my very soul. i wouldn't even care if it was just a friendship route and not a romantic one, just lemme tell annice that i appreciate her, i respect her, i respect everything she does for the marchen... but i digress. 

to end this long as hell comment, this game is honestly amazing. i'm super excited for the sequel and i'll be waiting patiently for its release! i can't wait to return to the wonderful world you guys crafted. 

I played this game a while back on steam. I absolutely love this game! One of my favorites!!


Hey devs! Played Cinderella Phenomenon a few months age (it's awesome) and while looking for more VNs months later I found Locked Heart. I just wanted to know that you've got branding, because even if I only remembered why "Dice" sounded so familiar later on, I realized from the art and the spin on fairy tales that Locked Heart was also from you. And I'm not just deconstructing. Realizing the similarities came later. While playing Locked Heart, I really felt as if I was in the same universe as Cinderella Phenomenon. It's that sort of atmosphere that made me ask myself why it was so familiar. Anyway, you guys rock.


please make the donate link in steam bigger. Some lazzy peopel like me dont see it. Missed your game so much that i startet searching for your other works. found this site and could finally give you your money.

Have you looked for Locked Heart? Simpler story and fewer characters, but still gives the same vibes as Cinderella Phenomenon. (Dicesuki was also a creator of it, but it's enlisted on a different creator page in Itch.)

yes, i found locked heart while i was searching for a similiar game like Cinderella Phenomenon ;) then i found out that it was also from Dicesuki.

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Just to give a little tip to new players, here's an order of the characters you must play first and last IMO in order to get the best of the story like a movie:

1st: Karma

2nd: Rod

3rd: Rumpel

4th: Waltz 

5th: Fritz 

Some people say that Waltz is the perfect true ending of the story and I agreed with them until I played Fritz's route. Fritz's is so different, it gives you many bittersweet feelings (it's the darkest one as well but also the realest ) that it should be played last. Also, it's a good thing you have to play others in order to unlock them. THEY SHOULD BE THE LAST ONES. 


Wish i would've seen this before playing,this is so helpful! But thankfully i kind of played in this order, except i played waltz  before rumpel because i was too eager haha. Waltz was my fav from the start.

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Hahaha I did the same exactly.. It's a good thing though you'll play Fritz last. It's darker compared to others and the end is so much different :D I won't say anything else, don't wanna spoil it. Have fun and let me know what you thought of it ^_^

P.S I got so angry with Lucette in Fritz's route. I'd love to punch her in this one!


I think the bittersweetness of Fritz's is good as a second to last, personally. Because it is more sad than the others in a lot of ways, so it's a good breath of air/tone break before having another tense, but somewhat happier ended route, of Waltz' after.

Great game! I have played Karma's route and am playing through Rod's route now. I love it!!


This is one of the best games out there normally with games with a lot of story lines it gets boring but in this game I just loved it the story was something fresh and new I loved how the main character has personality I just loved it all together 


I am SO excited for the sequel! Thank you SO much for creating a sequel to this beautiful game! I've been keeping up with the updates on yall's tumblr on the sequel, and I cannot wait to play it! This is one of the most BEAUTIFUL otome games I have ever played. I loved all of the characters, and I never expected the storyline to be so deep and compelling. The MC here had so much character development, unlike a lot of other otome games that I've played, and I loved her interaction with all the other characters and how she grew to be a better person at the end. This is my all time favorite otome game, and as I said, I cannot wait for the sequel!




Yes there is! It's called Cinderella Phenomenon Evermore! They are still currently working on it! They posted screenshots of their progress on their tumblr and even posted the new intro song for the sequel! It's so good! I can't wait to play it :)

Thanks for letting me know! Ahhhh i'm so excited? Is there a release date yet? Will it be free or no?

They are expecting to finish the game the beginning of this year, but they aren’t sure yet! I’m not sure if it’s gonna be free or not though haha

    I couldn't get this on itch, but I did go to the website, download the zip, and play through almost all of it. I SO WANT TO DONATE, BUT I HAVE NO MONEY T_T I've played all the routes except Fritz's, but have only got the bad route for Karma. My favorite two routes BY FAR were Rod's and Waltz's. For once, I didn't mind the lack of NFSW in this visual novel, because the sotry was actually well-written and incredibly fun to explore. (Though now that I've experienced most of it, a sort of 'mod' or 'dlc' with NSFW similar to NekoJishi has would be appriciated. Maybe coming off a kickstarter or patreon?) It has comedy, an amazing concept with a good plot, and while it was a bit on the nose the main character had a nice arc and actualy developed as a person rather than being this static character that you see in so SO many visual novels. I am definitely rating this a 5/5 stars!

    Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed this, and the fact that it's free baffles me. As someone who couldn't pay to play it, I really appriciate the quality and love that was clearly put into this. If I ever get any funds online, there will definitely be a donation made!


I've played Rod's and Karma's routes so far.. and oh god, I can't say enough about this game so far. Just SO good. The story is captivating and Lucette's growth in each was amazing to witness. Loved Karma's route more, which is odd as I don't usually go for that type of character often! Beautifully written. Can't wait to play the rest. I wish I could binge it all at once, but alas- I have to sleep since I have to do adulting things like work... this kind of story reminds me of the wonder when I first started playing otome's, which was like... gosh, tad over 10 years ago? A tween, I was. It was nice being revitalized by this one. Definitely one of the best, top 10 I've played, for sure. 

One of the best games i have ever played. Emotional,Comedic and Deeper than it seems-I'm so glad to have found this and started my new year with it. I relate to the protagonist on so many levels and all of the characters were endearing. This is a masterpiece and it's a wonder that it is free. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this and brought it to us all! My favorite routes were Waltz(though i felt the romance was a bit rushed? like i didnt see enough development? idk might just be me,i wanted to see more of their childhood together),Karma and Fritz!^^ I honestly think this story will stick with me for quite some time.

Waltz's and Karma's were my favourite and it may seem a bit rushed with Waltz but I think he has always loved her so it came quite fast, just didn't show it till later. My least favorite was Rumpel's, his story and curse were interesting but I didn't understand the development with Lucette there. I could understand Lucette's feelings but not his.. Felt rushed and also (SPOILER AHEAD) this little drama with his ex was kinda.. meh. This story though is amazing indeed and I can't stop playing it even after finishing it so many times :3

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Completely agree! I figured waltz had loved her before,but i wanted to see more of those childhood moments so i could feel more attached and understand better. And  i feel like Lucette's feelings didn't really develop or she didn't really care about him until his spell was broken? (which i get bc she wouldnt fall in love with a kid,but i wanted to see progression there). I like Karma's a lot too but there also wasn't a lot of depth. Completely agree about the rumpel story!! Honestly,the ex thing just kinda grossed me out.  Like this little 17 year old girl is getting with a practically divorced man,yikes...but i mean it was entertaining! The game is sooo good,i only have Fritz left to finish.
(Oh,also,i felt like i wanted more progression for rod's end? idk)

For some reason i am unable to download this game?? It won't even begin installing

There should be a button on the right side of the download button that's meant help you out. :)

Thank you <3

You're welcome! ^-^


This comment is  a review and contains spoilers. The start and end of each spoiler section is marked. I apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes as English is not my first language.

This game was so well made it made me feel guilty for not being able to donate to the creators.

First of all, the artwork. Absolutely amazing. Beautiful, captivating illustrations. Interesting character designs. Sprites full of emotion. It has been a very long time since I've seen a game in which the visuals on their own pulled me so much into the story. I felt like each character's art truly captured their personality and role in the plot. My personal favourite were the illustrations displayed during the flashback sections. 

Second, the music was amazing as well. It was fitting into the story, it helped to set the mood and it was an element of the narrative.

Thirdly the game was easy to navigate, did not have any crashes or glitches and the save folder was easy to find (which is very imporant to me as i tend to delete free-to-play games from my computer to save disc space, but like to keep the saves in case i ever wanted to re-play it - and this game is definetly one i'll be replaying).

I decided to play all of the routes in the suggested order and i highly recommend doing that. By following the recommended order you avoid reading spoilers about characters who's route you haven't played yet. The routes also have a nice build up, leaving the ones filled with most tension to the end. In my opinion Waltz's route is also very fit to be the last one as it has the most satifying ending and could be considered the true route.

overall rating 7,5/10
As it was the first route I played i didn't really know what to expect (I wasn't even sure if the routes meant a love story or just focus on a specific character). The writing was good and i had a lot of fun playing it, especially getting to know Lucette, her life at the palace and her family. I especially enjoyed the time spend with Emeliegne.
I also really really enjoyed the scene with breaking Rod's curse - as a person rather familiar with fairytales and with a passion for figiuring out plot points before they happen  i quickly guessed that Lucette would have to throw herself into the knife to keep Rod from stabbing his love and i was SO READY FOR THAT. 
I had lots of fun. Compared to the other routes Rod's didn't leave much impact on me, although i believe it's more of a compliment to those routes than a fault in this one. It did however leave a bit of bad aftertaste due to being, well, kinda incest-y.

overall rating 10/10
Yes, yes, A MILLION TIMES YES! Easily my favourite route, although I might be biased, given that the Beauty and the Beast is my all time favourite fairytale and i just have to appreciate every retelling in any shape or form. Karma is an absolutely captivating character and his and Lucette's relationship felt so incredibly real. They have gone through similar hardships in life and come from similar backgrounds so their bond and love felt like the most natural thing in the world.  As with Rod, i did figure out how the route was going to end rather quickly, this however did not make me enjoy the gameplay any less. I got so into the story that i just couldn't stop playing and ended up staying up late into the night just to get to the ending.
THE LAST CHAPTER. AMAZING. BRILLIANT. FUDQIOWDIQXIXQIOWJSOID. I'm always a sucker for the "I will never be afraid of you" (proceeds to hug the beast) trope in fairytale retellings. 
Also, the fact that his brother's name is Llama. Whoever came up with this, I love you.
The only thing missing in the ending (imo) was a bit of info on what the political impact of Klaude's and Lucette's relationship was. Because surely there must be some, right?
Conclusion: Karma has stolen my heart and sould and is not planning on giving it back. Will 100% replay this route at least once.

overall rating 8/10
Rumpel's route i was looking forward to the least and originally wanted to play it only for the sake of completion. That feeling was a result of Rumpel giving off incredibly intense Nice Guy TM vibes. Boiiiiiiiiii was I wrong!!! I was incredibly pleasantly surprised with Rumpel's character and character development. 
I really liked the fact that even though Bria was a past love interest and also a cheater we got to see her side of the story as well, instead of just painting her as a villan. It was new and refreshing. I also would absolutely never have guessed that Rumpel was a doctor????????????? I like to think I'm hard to surprise by stories and i have been completely surprised by this one!
Conclusion: Good route. Had lots of fun. Kept staring lovingly at Karma every time he appeared on the screen.

overall rating 9/10
Definitely the one i was looking most forward to after seeing the prologue. I am a sucker for friends to lovers tropes and was hoping to find that here. I didn't exactly but still the route was incredibly good.
I have to say that i did figure out Varg was Fritz already when encountering him in Rod's route ( i was convinced he was wearing a mask for a reason so i started to compare his skin and eye color to every character already known). I was however really surprised by how much i grew to like Varg. I started off pretty much hating the dude and ended feeling bad for the fact that he had erased his existence and had to do so knowing that the person he loved would never love him back (even though he technically is the same person as Fritz so he didn't really die or anything, right). And the line in the ending about seeing something familiar in Fritz's cocky smile fucked me up. 
There was also a bit too much death for me. Cried everytime.
Conclusion: How did I end up liking Varg so much??????????? I wish it was a bit longer so that we could spend more time with both Varg and Fritz, but oh well you can't have everything right.

Overall rating: 10/10
I FOUND THE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TO LOVERS!!!!! HHHHHHHH!! Waltz is absolutely amazing. The story felt so diffetent from the previous ones, in a good why, though i can't exactly put my finger on why that is. The little moments when Waltz was showing his magic skills to woo Lucette: Delicious. Finally some good fucking food.
The ending was so extremely satifying!!! The fact that Lucette actually becomes queen (even though the king had to die (i cried)), the parade through the town with lilies everywhere, Lucette protecting the citizens from Hildyr, the ball, Lucette in that beautiful dress... hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Also why did Waltz never properly dress up for that ball do you not own any clothes boi.(jk i know sprites are time consuming)
Conclusion: Great. 100% will play again. Almost made me stop thinking about how much i love Karma.

can i just say i agree with literally your ENTIRE comment? but specifically i relate wayyy too much to your comments on fritz's route. [will also be mentioning some spoilers here, if anyone hasn't completed fritz's route yet then tread carefully!]

1. recognizing varg was fritz as soon as i saw him in rods route (the first route i played). i didn't expect it to be some kind of alter ego thing though, i was just sitting there like "why did they make fritz wear a wig." i was trying to figure it out the entire time before i got to fritz's route, but i didn't end up thinking of a reason until it was actually told to me. 

2. falling for varg as well. by the end of the route i was sitting there like "FUCK GO BACK." i really wanted to show varg some love as well as everyone else, lol. i thought it was so sweet how he talks about how fritz's love for you must've rubbed off on him because hes falling for you too. "but you could never love me" just fuck me up dicesuki. speaking of dicesuki fucking me up, im with you on how much death there was in fritz's route. in all the other routes there was basically no death- maybe 1 or 2 causalities, mostly only if you got a bad ending. and then fritz came in like a fucking TRUCK and ran over my HEART.  

This comment contains spoilers, which are marked with strikethroughs.

I absolutely ADORE this VN. I've never read a visual novel that is so packed with character development, depth, and a really compelling storyline. Favorite routes are Karma's and Fritz's. I didn't initially read the recommended sequence of routes, so I did Fritz's route last, but I think that that was the right choice on my part, because Fritz's route was a heck of an emotional rollercoaster, so much that I even pretty much consider it the "true ending" (maybe also because it ends with magic being gone forever, which creates a lot of bittersweetness to it that I really enjoy in the endings of stories). This is also the reason why Varg is my second favorite character, and his unrequited love for Lucette kind of killed me inside (even though technically Varg and Fritz are the same person). Karma, or Klaude, is definitely my absolute favorite. His route had the most depth and twists and turns, and I was definitely not expecting him to turn into a beast. But this is what is amazing about this visual novel, in that it takes classic fairy tales that you've known your entire life, and changing it into something unique.

Now more on the elements outside of story and routes. The art is AMAZING. There are so many unique sprites and CGs for almost anything you can and can't expect in the story. The GUI design is phenomenal. The animations and effects are superbly done. From the moment I first opened the game, I was instantly stunned by how beautiful everything was. I was definitely drawn in by all of that, and I think most readers were and will be.

Lastly, I'd like to say that because each and every character has so much backstory to all of them, I forged a really strong connection with almost all of them. Mark my words, I am not the type of person to really bond with fictional characters (I prefer just getting absorbed into the story), but I really did for this game. Which is why, again, Fritz's route was so intense for me. So many characters I had grown to love in the other routes ended up dying, and just the ending itself was very bittersweet. The only negative thing I can say is that I feel like Waltz's route was a tiny bit of a disappointment, in that it could have been expanded further. I still have a lot of questions about everything. If Waltz's family was killed by Hildyr, then where did Myth come from? Things like that. And I also feel that in Fritz's route, it still didn't really make sense why he loves Lucette, since her struggle wasn’t really apparent in the beginning of the game. But I guess that he is her personal knight after all, and he knows more than we did when we first started playing. (Did I mention that he knows a lot of stuff about Lucette? So much that it’s sort of creepy? xD) But I think that the whole Varg thing made up for that. I sort of wish that Varg and Fritz would be combined back into one person, instead of Varg being completely erased, because I just adore Varg a lot… probably because after so many routes of me wondering who on Earth he is, I finally get some clarification about him, and I get to know more about him and why he did the stuff he did.

Anyway, this review stretched way longer than I thought it would. Thank you all so much for making this amazing VN, and I’m really really looking forward if y’all are ever thinking of making another one! Awesome work. I rate this 10/10, and I would 100% play again.

I haven't played a game that made me feel this way since Code Realize. I hold these to the same standard which is incredible seeing as this is free. I wish i could have donated to the kickstarter. I'm very excited to purchase the fandisc. Absolutely incredible. All your hard work really shines thru. Thank you. 

I hate almost everything I read, I've only ever liked completely liked two books in my entire life and those were Mary Shelley's original "Frankenstein" and Albert Camus "The Stranger" and I've read a shit ton of books including those books that everyone loves and those that are considered classics. This VN came really darn close to passing my extreme criticism. (To further prove my point on how critical I am of writing, I once told my friend to restart her paper the night before it was due). 

Anyway, this is definitely my favorite VN ever. I loved Fritz's and Karma's routes and I liked Waltz's but I definitely feel it could have been better. 

A big thing I liked about this VN overall is the twist on fairytales it had, especially the twisted endings, the endings were mostly happily ever after but still had a lot of authenticity, except for in Waltz's route. And I suppose Rumpel's, but his character seemed a little misplaced anyway since he was the only one that didn't have some kind of prior connection or logical connection to Lucette  (in Karma's case there was a logical connection since they were both royalty). 

Some of Waltz's route was too staged, like one or two really cliche scenes is good but I feel like there were too many in Waltz's route. Especially since the order suggested in terms of plot was to do Fritz first then Waltz; doing Fritz's path first made Waltz's path feel less realistic. Waltz's route a couple errors in the writing actually, I believe it was Parfait's line when she was talking to Hildyr and she said something like "violence does not beget violence", which isn't the correct use of the word beget. Waltz's strife did not feel all that real to me either, I would like to have known more about his family and his past with Hildyr, and his past with Lucette, I think that would have made it easier to connect with his character. Also more on exactly how he betrayed Hildyr. There were just a lot of unanswered questions in his route and I can't list them all because I'd like to reread Karma's route tonight. Waltz just had so much potential and I feel like he fell really short of that potential. I understand that it would have been a TON more work to really make his story but also like he could have been such a great character. He lost some of his depth in the fact that his personality was so constant and his responses were pretty much the same to everything. I feel like he should have had more than one trait, like his childlike optimism could have shown through a lot more or his love of fun. What's the point of his curse if isn't a part of who he is? That was the whole basis for everyone else's curses and, yeah, Waltz had a different situation but in his case the point of his specific curse was overlooked. If he was supposed to be the grand finale, he should have blown every reader away, even the most critical of readers. 

I would suggest reading Fritz's story last, rather than Walt'z.

I haven't played Varg because I needed an emotional break from his storyline. 

What I love about this VN,

is how different the story is, the twist on old fairytales is genius and this VN could easily become huge, like HUGE with more work. As with anything truly iconic, it takes years of work but this totally has the potential. There were so many unique things to each character and those things were so carefully thought of, some more than others but still. I would love to read more about Karma just in general because he had so many layers and, in my opinion, had the most depth of all the characters. Fritz had depth because of Varg, but Varg's existence could definitely have been explained more/explored more, like how there was enough to create Varg. As well as why Fritz loved Lucette in the first place, like more flashbacks to his past with her because how Lucette is written at first doesn't really support the reason Fritz gives for loving her before she was cursed, it does to an extent but it needs more support. Either way the stories were beautiful, original, and clearly had a ton of work put into them. It is incredible that this is free to download but I am so glad it is otherwise I would never have gotten to read this enchanting story. It reminded me that life is hard but worth it when you have people that love you, even if they are not always with you. Living  away from home for the first time in my life, I definitely needed that reminder. 

Does anybody know how to "reset" the game in order to experience it like the very first time?? I played it more than 2 years ago  but when I re-downloaded yesterday it it still had the achievements and gallery unlocked from my previous play :((

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I finally got to fritz... and even though it was the good ending i played i sobbed so much at the loss of the characters i had grown so familiar with and loved through the other character routes. The plot really opened up and became so complex and layered during his route and it was a hell of a journey all throughout - the feeling of constantly being in danger and knowing that anything could go wrong because of the nearby threat of the evil characters made the story that much more compelling. I just...  i was crying so much. I wanted to say though... the way in which the story was told and carried through was really mindblowing. I was so emotionally invested in the entire world that i didn't take a break from playing this route. This really transformed the way i imagined regular storytelling. I still have to do the bad ending for Fritz and I have yet to do Waltz's route but i need to recover emotionally before i do those. I wanted to leave a comment though because im fEELiNG so many emotions and im awe-struck at just how brilliant this story is. Thank you guys for creating it and sharing it with the us.

ADORE this game!!! played it front to back over and over by far the best dating sim ive played ! cant wait for sequal


y'all made a F R E E game that's this good??? absolute power move, love you guys


It's a damn shame that this game is free. 

I hope you will make or games having to do with other worldly story if you are planning to design another one like cinderella Phenomenon I will support and if t cost any money I will buy it no matter how much it is you have my support   PLEASE RESPOND I WANT ANOTHER ONE OF THESE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theyre making a sequal!!! look at their tumblr for updates :)


Can you put a link?


I think it's safe to say we need more games with ideas like this.


The best otome game ever. I love Karma, Rod and Waltz route!. I haven't played Rumpel and Fritz. Thanks for this beautiful game. Love the Op! Hoping to see a new otome games from u guys! 

I only got the bad rod route! WTF??? How???

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Hello! It can be really difficult to get good endings so here's a guide: https://otomedreamworld.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/cinderella-phenomenon-rod-route... It will help you get the good ending!

I also got bad ending at first.  Learning that to  choose carefully each choice was enjoyable.  gudluck !

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This is by far the best visual novel I've ever played! No errors, bugs or glitches, the artwork is beautiful and the characters are unique. Story line is interesting and each route is fun to play and makes you think. Would definitely recommend!  


I can't download it via my itchio app, does anyone know how to fix this?

I think this game needs a Lil bit fixing😅 the text is always out of place I usually click on the log to see what the characters are saying and for some reason when I getting the good ending  their is an error I don't get that error with the bad endings tho. I am on Rumpels route and I have done both good and bad ending and still he doesn't appear on the the start menu and the achievement of good ending I havent got it and fritz and waltz routes are not unlocked. I didn't have this problem with karma's route even when that error appeared karma pic was on the start menu and I got both achievements . I hope when I play Rod route I will unlock fritz and waltz but it would be nice if you guys could fix this cuz I love this game the art the music and the plot the stories are truly beautiful and I really want to play waltz and fritz routes😍❤️ thank you for your time. 

Hello! We're sorry to hear about the error you have encountered. We've looked into the matter and it seems it's an error that happens when playing the ending animation. You may try to play the game on Steam. Your save files couldn't be carried over but the endings you have unlocked and the dialogue you have already read will.  If you could not skip the text, you could open the Settings and change the Skip settings to All, instead of Seen. Let us know if you there is anything else we could assist you with. Please and thank you!

I hope you will make or games having to do with other worldly story if you are planning to design another one like cinderella Phenomenon I will support and if t cost any money I will buy it no matter how much it is you have my support   PLEASE RESPOND I WANT ANOTHER ONE OF THESE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tried TEN times to not get the bad end in Rod's story and never got a good ending... is there even one?

(1 edit)

Yes, there is a good ending. Just try all the "right" choices (they ususally lead to CGs), when the flower appears on the screen. Sometimes the flower appears after the scene is ended, not right after the choice. So you'll have to restart it. That's how I did it :)

Also, you can look for a walkthrough in the internet.

oh thank you so much for the tip, i cant see well so i must've missed the walk through! thanks again 😊

No problem :)



Good. Now that I got that out of the way, it's time to gush about how much I adore this game. I've never been much into Japanese culture, anime, manga, or anything like that ever...but I stumbled across this. I've always liked the anime style art (and most of my friends draw that way) so I was like: Hm. Okay. I'm a big literature fan so when I saw that you only had to read and pick choices, I was down for it. And it has fluffy romance, which I'm also a big fan of. So I played it off Steam. And holy crap, I've been obsessed with it ever since I started playing. 

Again, I never had any interest in stuff like this, so this was my first ever visual novel (I hope I got that right). You guys really left a good impression :D


First of all, I absolutely adore the art and the music. Like, the music is so beautiful and gorgeous. I love the main character since in literature, you don't see main characters like Lucette. She's different; unique. And the way you guys slowly thaw her icy heart is admirable. Love her.  When I was playing, I was like: "Wow. You could really learn a lesson or two playing this." 

I love the storyline. I've always been a fan of fairytale retellings so you guys really hit the bull's eye. The twist with the fairies and witches working together was surprising (a good one) since most fantasy novels have them at each other's throats. 

I love the different movements each character has (Even sidecharacter) and I love when they blush. It's adorable. The scenes where it's like a picture (sorry, I dunno what they're called. I'm not much of a computer person) are gorgeous and stunning. Even the main menu is beautiful. I love how after you finish a character's route, their picture replaces the crystal. 

The fast-forward option is really useful when I'm going back to see the ending I didn't get so thanks for that! 


Now I'm going to talk about the different routes in the order I played them in. 

1. ROD The Little Mermaid - Honestly, this route is one of my favorites and not because I played it first. Characters that have a similar personality to him have always appealed to me. Oh! And yes, I do know that they're step-siblings but you guys did such a great job of handling it that it didn't feel gross...or weird. The good ending was honestly kind of dark. Yes, they're happy together, but they can't really be together since they're considered siblings and that literally made me cry since they're so cute together. His bad end was just terrible. Like terrible. It was heartbreaking and depressing and I really can't say anything anymore or I'll break out in tears. But he's my favorite (I really can't choose between him and Waltz tbh) AND SEBBY IS SO CUTE.

2. KARMA - Beauty and the Beast - I'll be straightforward about this. It was actually different to play his route at first 'cause I kept choosing the wrong choices. But he was really unique and I liked that. His curse was really unique as well, twisting the fairytale so there was a good side and a bad side. At first, I thought he was that stereotypical flirty character (no, that's Rumpel) but I was wrong. In fact, I really can't find a stereotype for him at all. His good ending was so nice. I was screaming with joy when I got it. But his bad ending was also heartwrenching. It was even worse than Rod's and since I played this second, I was like: O_O. Does this meant the other bad endings were darker? Aside from that, he's a great character and I can understand why so many people like him. 

3. RUMPEL - Rumpelstiltskin - Unfortunately, his route was my least favorite and the one I was least excited to play although I did it before Fritz and Waltz's because it was recommended. Flirty characters just never appealed to me and I didn't really like the thought of someone with Lucette's personality with someone with Rumpel's personality. But that's my opinion and I tend to have unpopular opinions. His good ending wasn't all that interesting to me so I'll just say that it's...meh. However, his bad ending got me crying too. Lucette didn't kill him like she did with Karma, but he still died. And even though, I didn't like his personality, his death got me crying too. AND PARFAIT. Her death...smh. 

4. FRITZ - The Little Red Riding Hood - This route is definitely more different than the other routes because you're technically romancing with two different guys although they're the same person. I took this one before Waltz's because 1. a lot of people online recommend it and 2. Fritz's personality is appealing. Even though Lucette was so cruel to him, he remained loyal to he. I was shocked when Varg came into the picture, I did not expect that. But as I played on, I warmed up to Varg and started to like him a bit more. The good ending to this was also dark and kinda sad. Varg erases himself so that Fritz could be with Lucette even though he loved her himself. It was sad. And his bad ending...well, it can kind of be a good ending for the Varg lovers. I dunno. But Varg ends up "killing" Fritz. It's also sad because he loves Lucette even though Lucette loves Fritz.  However, this one had so much more deaths than the other ones: Garlan, Delora (OMG) and Parfait (OMG) I definitely did not see the two character thing coming and congrats! You surprised me!

5. WALTZ - Peter Pan - Here we are. The one I was most excited to play after unlocking him. A lot of people say his good ending is the "true ending" and I'm not surprised why. The plot and conflicts are similar to those of a high fantasy novel (Oh, I promised to stop talking about books...oops.) and the climax is so tense. I couldn't find a stereotype for Waltz, but his personality is literally amazing. He is SO sweet! However, his route is definitely one of the more darker routes and his bad ending is probably the darkest one of them all. I hated it but loved it so much. His good ending thoughhhhhh. OH MY GOD that moonlight dance thing was just STUNNING. And I loved the scenes with the children. So cute! I hated how Parfait had to die thoughhhh.  And the bond between Lucette and her father had me in tears. They were going to make up but stupid Hildyr ruined it by killing him! Nevertheless, Waltz's route is definitely one of the best and I loved it! 

Yeah, so I can't choose between Rod and Waltz...They're both so good. I especially liked Rod and Emelaigne's bond. It shows that he can be caring :) I hated how Parfait had to die in almost every route though. 


I would recommend this game 100%. The characters (Even the side ones) are so unique and lovable. This game definitely left a good impression on me in terms of visual novels and the Japanese culture. 100% going to replay it. I literally finished the game in two days...you could say I'm addicted. I heard there was going to be a fandisk that's like an epilogue to Cinderella Phenomenon and I'm excited for that. Although I heard you have to buy it. I'm still quite young, so I don't have my own credit card and I doubt my mother's going to allow me to spend money on games so I'll try to get it through a friend. I'm really excited for it either way! 

Sorry to every else for this long comment. I bet y'all didn't expect it to be like a review :) 

Thanks Dicesuki for giving me this wonderful experience!


awe man I love you guyssss

or should i say


how exactly do I allow pop ads to be able to download the game on windows 10?

Hello! We're sorry to hear about the inconvenience. Here is the link to the main file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ghzeikqyxx6a3p9/CinderellaPhenomenon-1.1-pc.zip Let us know if you're able to download it. 


Hi !

I have a question : 

I want the player to open the two-character love-loving way and finish them up to the end of the good-ending. And after that, open a way for a secret character. What code should I do in RENPY?


Hi I made a video with your game

Thanks for making it


Does anyone know why I can't install the game? It just starts loading then cancels it and now it's just sitting in my downloads :c


Are you using the Itch app? If so, try downloading it using your browser instead. It may work then.


I can't download this :(

Are you using the itch client? I've found that it works 99.9999999998% of the time for me (the 0.0000000002% is when my WiFi isn't working). 


This game I 100% recommend to anyone. The art work is absolutely flawless, and all the characters story lines make you hungry for more. My favorite route was Waltz. And i do also recommend playing it in order it really does help for a better understanding. My favorite part about this game has to be the creativity when it comes to these characters curses. Who would of thought to even use a fairy tale as a curse, i most defiantly wouldn't. That's why this game is truly a work of art. Defiantly a 10/10.


Alrighty. So this post might (will probably) get a big long but ONLY because of how passionate I am about this game after 100% completing it. 


There is so much praise that I can give to this game. First of all, for a game that is completely free to play, it is a great game and I am so thankful to everyone behind the game for it. It was a very enjoyable experience. 

The visuals and the music were well made and everything was very clean and well put together. I especially love the fast foward button, it makes getting the other endings more enjoyable and less tedious. 

The story and the characters. Now, I can't really choose a favorite character because they're all well written and I like all of them for different reasons. Obviously, some of the characters have more plot (the over-arching story) in them, but that's to be expected with this style of game. The story is also very well made. There are plenty of fairytale retellings but this one is unique and is a bit unforgettable. It's wonderfully distinct. I also love how it is not a pain to replay the game over and over again. Each time you play the story expands upon the world and the plot in different ways that makes it seem like you're playing for the first time again. Even with the knowledge from other routes, it's genuinely fun to play all the routes and go through all the options. By the end of completing the game, you really do have some attachment to the characters and by the time you reach some of the more intense moments, it really does hurt haha. 

I also love the writing of the main character, Lucette. Her progression towards learning how to be good seems very natural and her cold nature doesn't become annoying either. You can emphasize with her easily and even though I guess Lucette is supposed to be a blank for people to insert themselves into, I can really love Lucette as her own character as well. Her relationships with all of the other love interests too flow naturally and their romance seems solid and real. 


Now as much as I could go on about the great things about this game, there are some things that irked me a little. These are all just my personal opinions and I truly don't have any negative feelings towards this game. 

My main issue is with the choice system. Obviously, there is a good choice and a bad choice which will lead to their respective endings. However, it is a bit tedious that, as far as I can tell, you need to select ALL of the good choices to get the good ending. Therefore, in all of my playthroughs, I got the bad endings first then went back for the good ending. The fast foward button relives this issue a lot, but still, possibly basing the results of the choices on the number of right or wrong choices would've been better?

Another gripe with the choice system is that the choices don't necessarily feel like they matter. In terms of the game, of course they do matter, they determine the end of the story. But, in plot terms, they don't matter. In the story, it doesn't matter if you buy the right item or run in the right direction because no matter what option you choose, they both lead to the same dialogue. The story progresses in the same way, the characters still fall in love, everything is the exact same from Chapters 3-9 no matter your choice. This is why for me at least, the endings can be a bit jarring. There is no sign that you not choosing the right choice would lead you to noe recognize your love interest or run in the wrong direction. Even if you chose all of the right choices, you could give it the bad ending and it wouldn't seem off. When going back for the good endings, I sometimes thought, "These actions are competely independent of Lucette's relationship and could've easily happened whether you chose the right choices or not". 

That is much more of a nitpick however, because adding additional dialogue, CGs, and story would've made it a much bigger project and maybe wouldn't be so generously free. And for the choose your own adventure story this game is, this choice system is not bad at all. This is just a comment if hypothetically the game were to be expanded upon; to possibly have Lucette and the romantic interest to not fall in love or to have a strained relationship. 


I really did love playing this game. I fell in love with the characters, plot, and the world. Each route was well written and made sure you weren't bored with the story. The good far outweighs the bad. This is a great visual novel and I am still amazed that it is all for free. I definitely recommend for others to play this.

Usually, I am not really into fairytale retells but this one here is so creative, there is not any book you could compare to this interesting story. I downloaded it for free a few days ago and completed it last night. Absolutely fell in love with the creative really different stories. 

I enjoyed that even it all had the same goal, each story really was independent and strong on its own and you never felt like you really just picked the love interest but also got five really different stories.  So for me, it was fun to actually go back and play it again. After completing it I just really wanted to get the artbook as a memory and also having one of th pics now as my phone screen.  

This game is clearly one I would play and read again as it's a beautiful story with interesting characters. 

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