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man im so sad that the game is coming out in april bc ill be off break ): but im so excited to play!!! good job finalizing guys!!!! get some rest!!

Well hopefully you can still play it during weekends or something. Thank you so much!

Someone please tell me when the full version comes out! :O

Hi! Just to let you know, Early release would be on March 28 and Official release is on April 4. :)

Yay!! Thank you for the update! Hype hype hype hype

Thank you so much for telling me. :)

When will the full version come out? I'm hardy waiting... nuuu... I loved everything about this game; the characters, especially Karma and the solider guy from the castle... Those were some very amazing designs! And the story is dazzling too! Even though the princess is a bit too cocky... I love the theme song too, who sang that?

Hello! We can't say the exact date just yet, but we assure you that it's very soon since we are now beta testing and finalizing the game. It will be released 1 week after the early release for the Kickstarter backers.

Thank you so much for the support! The opening song was sung by Yoru Sagara. :)


Amazing! Hardly waiting to read everything!

Is there a specific day, it'll come out, I'm checking everyday loooooooooooooool, anyway LOOOOVED the demo, but it's scary how much I related to the main character, we have similar personalities, so it made me feel like maybe there's something wrong with me. I don't think the main character is bad, she just sticks to herself and pushes people away, but she doesn't really seek out to harm people.

We don't want to post a date yet until we've done the early release for the Kickstarter backers (we don't want you guys to be disappointed if we can't release it on time).

We're happy that you enjoyed the demo. Thank you! Well, a lot of us can definitely relate to Lucette since we've experienced/seen what she's been through at some point.

Hi! I played the demo last year, maybe around october or november (im trying to remember because i played it during a time i was on break from school, but i feel like that was too long ago???? i do remember it was last year though because i was so excited for the final release and i thought i wouldnt be able to make it to 2017 without this release) and it was amazing. The concept of the game itself is so creative, i dont know if you guys had any inspiration from different games or something but this truly is an amazing idea for a game and i cannot EXPLAIN HOW EXCITED I AM TO PLAY IT. i promise ill write a full review once the game is out but i wanted to leave a comment right now. i, sadly, would refresh this page daily hoping the full game would be out. i completely missed the tumblr link until yesterday, and its so satisfying to see that the game is almost done!! you guys have come a long way, and judging by the amazing demo, i bet the game is gonna be astonishing. today was my last day of school, and im on spring break for the next two weeks. on top of that, my birthday is next tuesday. im PRAYING this gets released soon so i can waste my break by locking myself in my room and playing each route. thats how excited i am. keep up the good work and thank thank thank you for making this game free so broke teens like me can experience your beautiful work!!

Oh my! Thank you so, so much for the wonderful comment. This really made our day. We're very happy that you enjoyed CP. We're almost done with the game now and best we're doing our best to make sure it's bug free and grammar error free. Hopefully we'll release before the month ends :)

I loved the Demo! If I had to pick a character to go for I'd definetly go with Karma first. His reaction towards Rumpel and in general all of their interacrions made me fall off of my chair in laughter. This is a great game and I CAN'T wait for the full release. I also can't wait to see if you guys will have anymore projects in the future because this one is lovely. Thank you for the wonderful demo! <3

Thank you so much! Karma and Rumpel are definitely our comedy duo. ;)

We'll release a Cinderella Phenomenon fandisk after this one which will focus on their lives after the main storyline so expect more romance in that one. But the games we'll release after this will all be commercial then. We already have a few lineups after CP and we definitely can't wait to work on them soon! :D

Just finshed the demo, and I have to say this is an Otome game I can't wait to see the full version for. First off, the art is so colorful and just amazing overall. It fits very well with the theme of the game and the designs are so pretty. The characters are also amazing. There are so many varities and they come with such unexpected and loveable personalities. The most unexpecting character (in my opinion) was Rumpel. I'm so used to seeing characters with glasses being all serious and such and for him to be a cassanova out of no where, was so unexpected. I'll probably go for Fritz, Rod, or Waltz since their characters were interesting to me. The storyline just reels you in because of all the different concepts there are. Anyways, that's all I have to say and you guys did such an amazing job with it, even though it's just a demo. Thanks for letting me play it!

Hello there! Thank you so, so much for the wonderful comment. It really made our day. We are very happy that you enjoyed playing the demo. The game is almost done so please look forward to it! :D

I will! :)

i just finished the demo and i LOVE it ,the art is so pretty and all the characters are so interesting.I love the story and i can't wait till the full release.

Hello! We are very happy that you loved the demo. Thank you so much! The full game will be out soon so please look forward to it :)

This was really nice! I'm eagerly anticipating the full release. May I ask tho, will it cost money?

Thank you so much! Cinderella Phenomenon will be completely free, but we will set it up as a pay what you want once it's release :)

Ok, thank you for your hard work!

I was also wondering about MC's character. Are they trying to change her into a completely "goody" good person? Like a completely selfless, cares-too-much-about-others kind person? Or just trying to pry her open to the goodness of human nature?

Oh, that is an important part of the plot. So you'll have to play the game to find out the answer to that. :D

the download button doesn't work for me...can someone please help me?

Your browser might be blocking pop ups. Anyway, here's the mediafire link.

it worked! Thank you so much.

Downloaded on a whim, got hooked and now i'm eagerly awaiting the full release! Nice work on the demo ^.^

Thank you so much! Full game will be out soon so please look forward to it!

I love the game I need it whole already !!! How are you with the game I feel that I will not be able to take another day!!! pd. sorry for my bad english


Hi there! We're so happy that you loved it. We're all working hard on finishing it soon and it will definitely be some time in March. :)

I just read the demo it was amazing . I hope the full story is sent out soon.


We're happy you liked the demo! We're all working hard on finishing it soon.


I thought something about this game seemed familiar... I took a look at the Kickstarter page and found out you guys did Locked Heart too! I adored Locked Heart and I'm in love with what I've seen of Cinderella Phenomenon so far. The characters are beautifully designed and have intriguing personalities. I really look forward to getting to know their backstories in the full release! Best of luck with finishing up the game <3


Wow. Thank you so much! We're very glad you enjoyed Locked Heart. Hopefully you won't be disappointed once you've played the full game. :)

I'm so excited!! I love Dicesuki! <3 I wish there's a countdown haha.




Woah! Thank you so much! We'll definitely do a countdown once the release is near!

When full game will be finished? I love this demoooooo))))))

Hopefully we can release it by February if not, on March. Thank you so much!

I'm waiting!!))

So excited! Demo was so fun to play

Thank you! We're happy that you enjoyed the demo :)

Just saying - I am so ready. I just played the demo for the second time and it was possibly even better than the first round through. I caught some things the second time around that I didn't catch in the first go. I cannot wait for the finished game!

We are so glad that you liked it. Thank you so much!

Are you on Steam too or only here?

Hello there. Yes, CP will be on Steam once released. :)

Good Evening. How's going & what makes the weather? Ah, okay. But I mean if You're on Steam and not the game?

Woops. Sorry about that. Yes, we do have a steam account but it's inactive at the moment.

After doing the demo i am so excited for the release of the whole game. I feel that i share a connection with the ice princess.

I hope for the game to come out soon and please continue the hard work. I think this will become one of my favorite visual novels forever

God, I'm so hyped for the release~! <3

When I first saw Rumpel, I thought that he was going to be that stereotypical serious glasses guy (I love those types for some reason), but I love his actual personality even more lmaooooo he instantly became my favorite~

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yasss...finally a proper otome game is made..even tho it basicly from fairytale theme i just loved the art and the storyline its all beautifully made!! pleasee cant wait for the the full game release.. soon!!

Love the demo looking forward to the full game!!!!!!

Just finished playing the demo and I can't wait for the full game to come outπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I loved the demo. Can't wait for the gameto come out !!!

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I can't wait until the full game is out. I wish you the best at making this game. Please tell me if the game is out ! Wish you all of the luck in the world!!!

I love the game. Especially Karma and WaltzπŸ˜πŸ˜™I have slight idea as to why everyone hates her. When will the full version be available?

Thank you so much! We are happy that you enjoyed the demo. You will have to find out if your guess is correct once you play the full game. XD

We are aiming for a January release and we are doing our best to work as fast as we can. We have work/studies too so we can only do this during our free time. If not on January, definitely on February. :)

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Anytime is ok, waiting patiently because I love the game πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ’•πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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I wonder if I can download mp3 of Broken Cinderella πŸ˜†πŸ˜•?

Hey Dicesuki, is your game coming soon? I'd love to hear from you about the game! :3


And I'm endlessly curious about why everyone seems to hate Lucette when she has only been out of the palace two times???

Karma and Rumpel are hilarious, and Waltz seems really awesome.

I'm really hyped for the game, and I dearly hope everything is going well with you :D

Thank you so much! We are very happy that you liked it!

You'll definitely get your answers once you play the full game so stay tuned XD

The download isnt starting ;-;

nvm was blocking popups like a dummy

try this link then:

From the looks and comments from everyone else, this game seems amazing! But, before I download this and get excited I just want to know how much the end product would cost? I don't want to fall in love with something I'll never get to play. Good luck finishing the game, it looks great!! :")

Well, good news for you then because this will be a free game. :)


Please do inform me by then.

For some reason I can NOT download it.

Please try this link then:

Oooh, I like the opening(?) song! Broken Cinderella, is it?

We're glad you liked it! Yes, it is called Broken Cinderella :)

Is there going to be an ending song, too?

The plan right now is just the piano version of Broken Cinderella :)

A piano version sounds nice^^ I haven't played the game yet, but I with the bits of info I had about the game and with the op's title for reference, I was thinking of something like Prince Repulsing for title. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit over excited here. Sorry^^;;;

Arrrggghhhh~~!!! I can't download the demo!! I clicked on the "download" button for like 10 times consecutively!! OTL

Try this link then:

Thanks! Finally downloaded it!

when will the full game be out? :)

The estimated release date would be between January to March 2017. But we are aiming for the January release if possible.

This game is really good, the artwork is beautiful, the characters are interesting, and the plot is original. My only problem is that I would like to have more choice in the dialogue and just in general.

Thank you so much! Don't worry. There are definitely more choices in the later chapters. :)

That was one ride. Such amazing artwork and the story is so interesting. Lucette has been set up to change and grow and I love it! The curses are such an interesting concept too. I look forward for the full version!

Thank you so much! We're so glad you liked it! We hope the full game won't disappoint you at all :D

The art work is beautiful and the whole story has completely captured my heart <3

I can't wait for the full version :3

We are so happy that you liked the game. Thank you so much!

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