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rod and rumpels route was so icky like it's just so weird??? it honestly makes me feel like throwing up thinking about the age gap and the fact that theres a romance route for the mcs literal step brother is insane


Im so enjoying playing this game, im now playing Karma route but i first played Rod route, wich gave me a lot of thoughts, because, even though they are no blood related, they are still step-siblings. Im not gonna lie, there were moments where i'd find their interection cute, but i wanted their relationship to grow into something platonic, and not romantic, because its incest and disgusting. When you love someone doesnt necessary mean that needs to be in a romantic way but also in a platonic way.

Thats all i have to say, but the game story is really well done

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honestly they aren't related, I haven't played yet, did they grow up together for a very long time? After a quick start at playing it seems like they were only together for some of their lives, I hardly think that counts as incest. Without giving spoilers, there was not exactly a sibling bond ever formed. 


but it doesn't change the fact they're step siblings that's what icked me horribly personally

So disapointed cant play because it is hosted on and incompatible 3rd party website:(

Hi I was wondering how to start the game over from scratch? I want to delete the saved data from the game and don't know how to. Any help would be appreciated.

If you're on windows, open File Explorer and go to:

You should see a directory named CinderellaPhenomenom-<XXXX>

You can then remove all your save, and the persistent file if you want to erase the "already seen" lines.


Began playing this on stream and knowing that stans for this game go hard: we dropped out of this game early on because of using cross-dressing as a punchline and romancing an underage person. Additionally, the "rules of the world" kept getting broken every other scene and we had a difficult time suspending disbelief long enough to really get invested in the story. 

I'm sure the game has redeeming qualities. People seem to be all in on this title. It was just a miss for us. 

I never felt like Lucette got better; she'd have brief moments of self-awarness that seemed fleeting at best. While the mama trauma was well done, I'll give the game that, Lucette coming to the realization that her mom wasn't the best was painful.

Delora was pretty much the only character I liked. Generally the sane voice in the room. Parfait as her counter-part worked well. I genuinely enjoy how the two played off each other well. But that's about the end of the positives I found in the game.

To each their own. Glad people are finding it enjoyable but don't think we'll be coming back to this one to finish it.

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I´m just so in love with this game, I love the story,the characters, and the CG´s are really pretty. The protagonist is really well writen, I loved all of her redemption arc, and my favorite route and character is Karma, and of course I have some crittiques.( some spoilers ahead ).                                                         

At the moment, I played only Karma´s, Rumpel´s and Fritz routes, and currently playing Waltz´s route.I´m not really interessed in playing Rod´s route, just for the fact that he is Lucette´s STEP-BROTHER, even if they are not blood related, and have not much interaction in a familiar environment, I think it´s still quite disgusting, and still are incest.                                            

Rumpel´s route was really strange, when you think of the age gap between him and Lucette, his behaviour was really rubbing me the wrong way I fell that he was trying to have Sanji´s type of flattering but failed miserably and was just acting like an old men trying to captivate a much younger girl.In this route I also felt that Lucette just have a abrupt change of feeling bothered by Rumpel to being in love with him, I just thinked that it needed more development.

- Now Fritz`s route, oh boy, that route really irritated me, I´ve had really high expectations on this route, and it really bothered me that I felt like this was more a Mythros and Hyldr´s route than Fritz`s, we just couldn´t see much interaction between him and Lucette and because of this I just felt like they have no chemistry at all.Varg really got on mine nerves, at first I thought Fritz´s curse was the Black Swan, and I really liked the concept of his curse, but at the same time I just couldnt fell that this curse was really a part of Fritz psique, in the beggining of the game, we got to see him caring and worrying about Lucette but that never gave me something to believe that Varg was already a part of Fritz´s personality.The kiss scene between Varg and Lucette made me really uncomfortable, in my perspective, that scene could even be considered SA, and Lucette also asking herself why would he make this if he doesnt like her made me really go ´´swettie, that´s not the point´´.Anyways, I really liked the development that Delora got, and also liked that we got to see more of  Lucette and Hyldr relationship.                                                                                                                                                

Despite that, I really loved the game and will look forward to play the sequence and complete Waltz route.Hope to see more games by yall! <3


Originally know this game from steam, its the game that got me into otome games, this is one of my all time favourites!

anyone know how to get rods good ending i got his bad ending the first time i played and later i went back to try again but i did not know what to do to change his out come / he still died and i still got the bad ending.

theres's a walkthrough on steam! heres the link:


also for anyone's route if you want to avoid spoilers and also want the good ending you can save at every choice and wait to see the diamond within a few dialogues. if you dont see it go back and choose the other 

it'll be fun if in Rod's bad ending, when he disappear his rabbit AKA Sebby just flop on the ground and the MC just keep Sebby as a souvenir

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I played Rod's and Karma's routes, both good and bad endings and I loved this game. I loved all the plots, characters, everything, except Delora. In Lucette's place I would develop my magic, being good to everyone and mean it, but would  fry her as soon I was able to do that! There is no point saying she is a motherly figure as she is the only one who doubts Lucette will eventually show any goodness and acts genuinelly surprised when Lucette shows that she is wrong. I am unable to see any redeeming qualities on her. She is, in my opinion, one of the reasons the humans have hate for witches and engaged in hunting them. EDIT: After playing all the routes my favorite one is Fritz's just because it is the one that allows to rebel and spoil Parfait's and Delora's plan. It's the one closest to my rebel nature.

Used to play this game and I love it.


I played this long before I even had an account here and I loved it!! Each LI is unique and interesting. The little nods to other fairytales are fun and fit into the story seamlessly. I played it a few times back then, but I'm keeping this in a collection to play again for sure. Thankfully, having inattentive-type ADHD means I will someday get to play again with very little memory of the details!! Even now there are fuzzy bits, so my replay may be close at hand and I could not be more excited.


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This is really well made, I like the story going for it and it has some interesting and funny parts about it, though one of my main gripes though is the fact that you can ROMANCE Rod? Like, literally all the characters, even the LI and MC acknowledge that it's immoral, you shouldn't do it, it's weird, etc. etc. yet it's still persued? And even after the fact the characters acknowledge that it's wrong by having to sneak around and be covered for? Like, don't get me wrong I'm all for forbidden love stories, but not when it starts tredding on implied incest, whether by blood or not. They acknowledge they are family at the end of the day. I think Rod's curse could've been broken WITHOUT going a romantic love route, maybe not making the mc related to him, or just a new curse altogether, just to avoid it being so WEIRD.

All in all, the game is pretty good. It has it's flaws like all things but that is the most obvious itching one possible that just sours the experience quite a bit for me.

Edit: After some more time playing the game because I do actually enjoy the plot, going through Rumpel's route I learn he's 24????? WHEN THE MAJORITY OF THE ROUTE THE MC IS 17???? WHY COULDN'T THE MC AT LEAST BE 18 OR 19 AND SHE BECOMES THE BEARER AT 19 OR 20 PLEASE THAT WOULD MAKE THIS SO LESS WEIRD!! It's SO undeathly uncomfortable to be forced to play  uncomfortable, playfully "taboo uwu" routes just to progress in this game especially since it doesn't get specified in the beginning so that the demographics that DON'T like these sorts of things can avoid them and play a more tasteful route. In my honest opinion, I feel like this game benefited from a young, naive demographic from the early 2010s of anime that thought these things were so "uwu kawaii" or whatever so things like this would get less scrutiny. But now, with higher media literacy, definitely not so much. Not from me at the very least.


Take a chill pill, it's not real.


I'm not actually that up in arms about the game, but it's still the matter that you have to play these routes and you, as the player who would/could otherwise not enjoy these things have to go through it to get to the other two locked routes and if said player is like me who otherwise enjoys the plot, would be stuck with going through two uncomfortable routes with only one bearable one out of three. Especially since there's a certain order for the game to be played in to get the full extent of the lore. So real or not, it's still uncomfortable and can have a negative effect on people in some way, shape and/or form.


This explanation makes sense.  I'm sorry you felt uncomfortable.


Yea it's alright. It's just the matter that I wish they went about the two differently. And the thing is is that all the other routes (Karma, Fritz and Waltz) are actually really good and I really liked them, but it gets so damn SOUR when, to get to the latter two, I have to play at least ONE other route and the other two options besides Karma are so damn uncomfortable to play. Doesn't help that in said routes, they try to play being self aware about the fact it's not really okay and is pretty taboo but 'it's okay cause it's true love!' and whatnot. I hate it

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I can understand your frustration with having to finish the route that you are uncomfortable with. I think that many feel okay with his route because they are still unrelated and haven't grown up together, so many don't view it as incest. I personally liked his and Waltz's route the best, but to each their own!


I totally agree! 


OMG THANK YOU!! i was obsessed with this game and tbh i still am... BUT IM SO GLAD SOMEONE HAS THE SAME THOUGHTS AS ME!! i was disappointed abt the age gap and the weird incest... sob sob ILYY




totally agree with you


I came back to replay this game. Partially because I heard the song Karma Chameleon and I thought of Karma :D Partially because I remembered we received Evermore as a Chritmas gift. This is still one of my favorite otomes <3 Everything about it is wonderful, the art, the story, the music, the writing. (The right choice indicator is a godsend because the logic behind the right choice is quite backwards sometimes x.x more so in some routes than others.)

But my favorite part are the characters and relationships. I appreciate how in each route we not only get close to the LI, but one or more side characters as well. Also appreciate how each LI is so different, yet they all work so well with Lucette. They all need her in their life and it makes me sad that they can't all have their happily afters at once. ;; I just adore them all and want them to be happy. Still, I can see why Waltz is the true route, with everything coming full circle. And I may or may not be partial to him too. :)

Also have to say, I cried so much. Especially Fritz's route is just so sad ;; Waltz's route also made me cry a few times, but at least that was a mix of sad and moved tears. Fritz... was just pure sadness, so much tragedy in his route. And he himself is so tragic too. Not sure if I can give him the most tragic character title because Rod is a strong contender as well... I really just want to hug all these boys and keep them safe and happy. ;;

Look at me, I'm just rambling. I just have so much emotions about this story, it really means a lot to me. Don't know if you guys are still looking at comments even... but if you do, once more, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for blessing us all with this masterpiece <3


Hello I'm having trouble downloading on windows TwT
Can someone help me plz

estará en español?¿, realmente quiero jugarlo

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esoo hago, aunque cuesta un poco que digamos!

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traanquilaa, estaa bien

No, en serio, fui realmente grosera. Te pido disculpas de todo corazón.


i just replayed this game after finishing evermore and i really love this story i'm sad it came to an end but i will be excited for the next game you released if you are that is i mean this game was perfect i loved the story, art, music, sound affects, character's the mc all of it my favorite routes has to be karma, rode and waltz  

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the story is amazing, been playing since 2017 HOWEVER how has no one mentioned romancing rod is a lil weird? stepbro??

this is my first time playing it since i thought it would be a friend end

also why is mc barely legal ???


YEA that's my same gripe too, especially since both characters acknowledge that you're family but still go on and do what they do anyways.

Also most of the characters are adult men it just feels so weirdddddd


Karma, my favorite boy always.

This game is amazing! I love it! Such high quality. Lucette is quite the character and totally different than most protagonists. Please keep making games! You have the talent!


God this is such a good game but why do I always torture myself by purposefully getting the bad endings! I'm gonna go cry in the corner now😭

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Deleted post

did you figure it out? i'm having similar issues


Played in 2017 on another platform and loved the shit out of it. I remember playing every single route, taking my sweet time - I spent almost 25 hours on it and still remember it to this day. Excellent game and an example of how in this genre every single narrative thread can add to the world building, making earlier paths more meaningful in hindsight. Both good and bad endings added so much to the story as a whole. Really well done!


This was one of the first otome games I ever played, be it years since the first time I played it. I think everyone here would agree that this game is a true masterpiece in every way. There simply isn't a reason not to play it.

Also Waltz is best boi in my opinion


I finished all routes. A true work of art. Im just sad that we can't actually romance Varg...

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Isn't he like- Fritz's alter ego? If you go His route, doesn't that mean that you romance him for awhile?


Nah, our character clearly hates him :/

oh, ok


This game, it's amazing. I grew up with it after my da introduced it to me, and it holds a special place in my heart. The heroine is so well written, and so are the other amazing characters. The fantasy setting is laid out nicely, along with the original music in the game!

I just started the game and there is a contract thing. I tried to click something but I doesn't do anything, what should I do

Push the enter button. This is the part when you choose the name you want for the protagonist. The default name is Lucette. If you want to keep the default name, you just have to push the enter button. If you want another name, then delete the name Lucette, write the name you want and push the enter button.


Thank you

No problem!


this literally now one of my fav otome games


the mc isnt even that bad and she gets cursed..... that poor girl


Yeah. Poor Lucette.


ok, so, the game was very well-made. i loved the plot & artstyle. it was very well done. the only problems i have is that (spoilers??) lucette, the main character, on rumpels route, are both dating. it is shown that rumpel is 24, while lucette is still 17. it's just fairly weird, considering that she is a minor & he is an adult. another problem is that rod is her step-brother, and there is a romantic route for him. i wished it would be more like a family-bonding route, but in surprise, it wasn't. overall it's a very good game.


ok so where not going to talk about how the mom's name mean surrender in welish??? AND YES I SEARCHED UP HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT AND TURNS OUT IT MEANS SURRENDER!!! *NO JUDGE ZONE*

Rumple name spoilers; sort of:




I mean how else did his parents expect him to turn out when they basically named him loyal knight? \_O_/ He was either going to resent the name and become self entitled, or follow it and become selfless to a fault giving all of himself in the service of others.

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Please tell me I wasn't the only one who looked up play throughs for the good ends-- i'm not the smartest tool in the shed. Also I love Karma alot- he inspired the name I currently go by and honestly he's an icon.  Sure I may have played this like months ago and finished the squeal but i can't help but come back to the game 

bro- same- even thou Rumpel was the easiest one, the other ones keep dying on me :<

Not me trying to see if i got the answers all correct and this shows up instead- 

Like what the acutal fu- 👁👄👁

omggg- but yeah, the crystal at the corner of the screen confused me- i couldn't tell if it was good or bad 

SAME!!! but then I search the answers for karma cause I loki cryed when he died in the bad ending- everytime I followed the instructions the crystal showed up so I figured it was good- but is we not going to talk about how Rumpel likes when we are rude to him- werid but ok               (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

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honestly all the deaths had me in tears- but yeah rumpel into something else loll

lmao- I mean rumpel kinda got me simping as well as the others-

ikr lmao


yess i tried to do rod's route by how i would choose, and i got the bad end :( so i had to search up a guide on how to get rod's good end


Honestly same, like I usually pick choices that I think make sense but I ended up dying boh times I tried (Rod & Karmas route) So I just looked up guides 

I did use the Right choice indicator of the game.

The right choice undicator confused me so much- I didn't know what meant right and what meant wrong :(


If you see the crystal (right choice indicator0 after you made a decision, it means you made the right choice. if you don't see the crystal faer the decision, it means you made the wrong choice.


This game is amazing. I like it a lot. I haven't finished yet, is so cool tho.. And free. This should be popular


I know right? THis game deserved to be better known. Too bad otome games are a niche genre, especially English language otomes.

Its an old game, thats why it isn't as popular. go back about five years and this game held the crown of best in the industry

I know this is out of the blue and might not be read..but will you ever consider bringing back the Android version of the game? It was working, I think? But only for devices with smaller frame, so it's practically impossible to played since the script isn't inside the screen.


well,it's been a while since i played it,but only now i got time to write what i think about the game,it's one of my favorite Vn so far,i loved every single route,i cried and i laught a lot.My first route for sure it's Fritz,i got depressed with the ending tho lol,so many deaths for me.(i also got so happy,i turned into a sentimental mess).Anyway thank you for the game and be health.


Wtf- why did Rod die like that I am upset and crying right now but i liked the game.


Heyyy its me after the the good ending for Rod. Lemme just say, THE ENDING IS ADORABLE. And now to play the others. Hopefully I get as much attached to the other guys as much as Rod.


So nice to hear you liked Rod too. Lucette x Rod is my OTP!

Lucette x Rod forever!


I recently finished this game I had the rod route. I got the bad ending btw. So I thought rod was cool (and ngl kinda hot 0-0). And I got somehow I had gotten  obssesed with this character, and I maybe cried a lil. But the game is wonderful. And now typing this, im really impressed the creators were able to make me feel this way. They made me feel anger,sadness,stress, and happiness. And now im going to replay it over and over and over again till I get the good ending with him. So thank you! This game is now one of my top 3 fav games on here. Thank you for making this.

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