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I love it! The protagonists and the love interests are very well developed, and they have well-written character development. I also enjoy how Lucette (or whatever name you give the protagonist), isn't the stereotypical innocent, naive, goody-two-shoes girl. She was honestly a real bitch but for a decent reason. 

Personally, I don't mind that Rod is Lucette's step-brother because they're not blood-related, and it's legal many countires for step-siblings to marry each other/ in general, have a romantic relationship as long as they're not blood-related.

This was only wishful thinking from me, but I wish there was some way to help Hildyr to redeem herself like Lucette did. However, we know she is long gone, and it wasn't all her fault.

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Man... One of the best games I've ever played. The characters are so well done and developed, I mean I could not rest until I got all the characters, both good and bad endings. It got me sleepless for 3 days, and almost woke up plp in the house with my girl screams at some scenes xD Also cried tones, even with the good endings.


Does the creator get more money if we buy from, or from steam?

not sure, i guess neither since it's a free game. but on itch you can pay extra from your own choice, and get digital artbook for 5$


I've been doing them in the recommended order and I just got done with the Rumple route. I got the bad ending. I couldn't function for 5 minutes and I'm still crying a little

can someone tell me how to download this game?

Try downloading on Steam instead

I just tried and didn't have any issues. I clicked the above "Download Now" button, click the option for your operating system, both take you to a mediafire download page where you just click the green Download button which downloads the relevant zip file.

i cant play this game because it said that there's a third party website.. i am playing on mac book btw


Absolutely amazing! This game is something else...

(Spoiler free)

To really get the full picture of everything that has happened in the past, the backstories of the characters and just everything in general, you really need to play through every route. I played through in the order suggested on the page, and honestly, I feel like that's the best move. Rod's route is by far the least intense, and it really gets you attached to the world of Angielle, and to Lucette. Progressing in the suggested order allows you to piece everything together in a really natural way. What I did was to play through each route the good way, and then quickly through again to get the bad ending. I did that for all of them except for Waltz's, because I didn't really want to end on a bad note! Each route took about three hours.

Overall, yeah! Definitely play this game! Even if you only play through one route (but I'm pretty sure once you do that you'll probably want to keep going!) it's well worth it, with such amazing script writing and art. It's so well thought out, and I was sooo emotionally invested by the end!

Thanks for the game!

PS I've seen a lot of people saying to play Fritz's last instead of Waltz's,  but honestly that route felt the least connected to me. It definitely tied everything together really well, and Fritz is precious, but even the good ending didn't feel that fulfilling, whereas Waltz's was perfect in terms of closure and emotional connection to Lucette! It tied everything up nicely! And we love Waltz \(^o^)/


gotta admit the art is amazing 


This was simply amazing! One of the best VN's I've seen so far. Thank you.


I got this game from Steam and its wonderful. I really recommend people try this if you haven't already. This is probably the best Visual Novel I have played in a long time, even tho I cried and lost my shit. It is also free which is epic because the art is amazing, the muisc is fun and the characters are to die for. I have payed more for less, this game is just amazing. I played the recommended order and it escalated very quickly. Walts, Frits(and V), and possibly Karma are all my top beans, but I still love Rumple.*SPOILER*-- Rod is good too but he is the step-brother so it's sorta weird to me but he is a fun character and his route was interesting. ALSO........ Fritz needs his own route. like Fritz and V need a route each. During the Fritz route we see more of Varg, so obviously I loved the as*hat, but no matter what we don't get Varg and we dont geth the time with Fritz. 'Twas sad Also I am proud of myself for getting all the achievments. It's not a big deal but shhhhh let me have this. 


wow i applaud you for getting all the bad endings i could only take two of them rod's and waltz (┳Д┳)  add to that the amount of death in waltz's route (┳Д┳) since the story alone is enough to make me weep every route TAT and so i hereby award you this: 

*takes out a red ribbon* DE RIBBON OF COURAGE!

 and a tissue box *hands you a tissue box* you earned them (  ̄^ ̄)


Oh yes, tissues... I needed a lot of those after the game. I cried for all of them, Fritz twice. 

I got all the bad endings first then went back and got all the good endings because my heart was crushed

Fritz route was so messed up, like there was a lot of death in Waltz route, but fRITZ’S ROUTE UGHHHH Even the good ending was sad. \(;´□`)/ And Rods bad ending heisbsjdksb It was my first route, so it was also my first bad ending, and I was so shocked when he died that I laugh-cried. (;*△*;) 

*pats pats* i know ( T^T ) all of them had sad times especially waltz and Fritz T-T and our MC is among them too TWT


Hi! How are you? Sorry for bother.

I have a question/petition; can I make a Spanish Translation of Cinderella Phenomenon? I really love this game and I want that the Spanish spaekers that don't know English can play it. I'll give all the respect credits, don't worry about that, I'll be glad if I can make the translation patch. Thank you for reading.

português tem ? 


This game is stunning. I played it on Steam. Definitely try it 

This game is amazing! One of the best visual novels I've ever played. The story is fantastic and the art omg.... Also, I really like the evolution of the MC. This game has everything :)

THIS GAME IS AMAZING XD If you still deciding whether or not to play it just play it! The story is amazing and its one of my favourite visual novels depressed now I got a bad ending haha

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Tip to new players: Rod and Waltz's route are highly recommended. I know others love Karma and Fritz, but they stand out the most to me. (Though Rumpel's route is definitely underrated). 

Also use your saves!!! The right choice indicator is very important in this game, so if you're not sure of the option you want to pick, save your progress first.

I just have to. This game is beatiful, emotional and with soundtrack that would move one to tears (in a good way). The story is really well made, as well as all main characters. I have nothing bad to say about it. I played it only once - the Rod route, and the only reason I haven't played more yet, is that I would feel bad for not picking him again (or I would just pick him again-just now I can't do ohervise). But I will. Never played game like this before, but this was exactly what I needed.

thats my first part of the game!!! Really loved it and I will complete it!

I think this game is very good and it's free! The art is beautiful but sometimes looks strange. Your team made such a big job! Anyway, thank you for such a wonderful story!

Saying that this game made me fall in love it's not even close to what I feel. Everything is amazing, from the art, to the story, it's all so beautiful you can't stop playing. I am still crying over A LOT of stuff that broke my heart is tiny pieces, but I will play this game for the rest of my life.

Can't wait for Cinderella Phenomenon 2 uwu

i fell in love with this game it made me cry made me smile made me bitter made me hate a character and the next second i'll be crying over it everything in this game just tugs at my heart forcing me to ride the feels train and i loved every second of it i can't wait for the second one please do your best 

Most of the time when I play an otome game, I usually end up not finishing (sometimes I'm just too lazy to try) all the Love Interest. This was an exemption though cause I really did enjoy this game. I actually played through everyone's route. This got me hooked so much cause only a few otome games give the storyline this much thought. I enjoyed every route cause it was all unique in its own way. I LOVE IT SO MUCH THANK YOU!

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I loved the game when I played it, though I do have a problem.

I can't access the Digital Artbook to purchase it. Is there another way of getting it (From Australia)?


Absolutely loved the storylines.  I think Rod's was the weakest so the recommend order worked out really well.  The visuals are very well done and the music was genuinely enjoyable.  I stayed up past midnight playing through all the stories.  I would really love to see more otome games like this although having more than 2 (rarely 3) dialog options would be nice in a branching story, although I understand how that would complicate development.

Also way to have some courage and kill off some characters.  Bold move, actually made me worried about the people in the game.


Nize artwork. Me like visual novelz and old tales.


I love this game and how beautiful the artwork is. What I hate though is how linear the game is. For example to get the good ending there is literally only one route and every choice must exactly what is the author wants even if the other choice changes nothing but one line of dialogue. Choose wrong and bam bad ending just because you didn't resist when someone was trying to carry you when you weren't feeling so hot.

I love this story/game. <3
How can anyone come up with something amazing like this?

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I fall in love ith this game, the characters, the stories, the graphics, the music, ... everything is beautiful and make me love this game.

I love Lucette and her change, I made Rod's storyline in one night (goodbye my sweet sleep), Karma's in one day (just after Rod's xD), and I will do Rumpel's, Fritz's, and Waltz's because I know they are as much amazing. 

At the beginning I wanted to do Fritz's immediatly because I love this character and I'm glad I couldn't because for now Rod's storytline is my favorite, and his character...oh my god so cute.

I want to say that the graphics are so beautiful too, no, not beautiful, amazing, axesome, magnificent. The curses are also really interesting and intelligently brought/logical (sorry I'm french and I don't know how to say that they suit perfectly the characters (I think I just found a way to say it xD) ).

Finally, I would like to thank you making this game, and to say "Well done" ;)

EDIT : I did all storylines and here goes my ranking : 

1-Waltz (This one is both interesting and lovely, Waltz overtook everyone, and Lucette's actions were cooler)

2-Fritz (It was hard to choose between this one and the following one but the bad end made the difference, oh and just wanna say I knew it was him)

3-Rod (I don't have enough words to say how much this storyline is beautiful)

4-Karma (OMG the end... and he took my heart so fast)

5-Rumpel (he was cute and the storyline good but were not my type)

This game is just woah. The graphics, the music, the plot...the cleverness woven into each storyline...probably the best game I've played on here, along with Butterfly Soup. If you're deciding whether or not to play it, that shouldn't even be a question honestly. Download it!! You won't regret it.

I started and I hated the fact that the witches got slighted and it was called "peace". Then I noticed the main character was a brat. Is it worth it to push thru or do things kinda stay the same?

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LOVE IT! I've been playing this game for 5 days and finished it. I recommend doing the routes in this order; Karma, Rod, Rumple, Fritz, Waltz. Karma gets you ADDICTED to the story line, and saving the best for last is Waltz. A problem with most visual novels is the writing, alot are super cheesy but the writing in this is great! I kid you not, I cried during EVERY SINGLE ONE. Karma made me cry 3 times, Rod 3, Rumple 1, Fritz 2, and Waltz 4 (Yes, I'm aware I'm very sensitive). The characters are great because their damaged. Lucette is such a bummer in the beginning but then you learn why and learn to love her (Especially at the end of Waltz's route). Oh, and who can forget the ARTWORK?! So beautifully drawn. Thank you Dicesuki for making this wonderful game. I will always be on the lookout for something new. MAYBE A VARG GOOD ROUTE??? :)


My absolute favorite route was Waltz. Although the ending wasn't as romantic as the other endings, the rest of the story was amazing. Especially if you're into the magic aspect of it. Karma is the second best, his route goes more into the direction of humans and the physical world. Fritz was also very amazing as well. 

Issue 1: Rod's route. I love Rod, he was cute and incredibly protective of his family and was so LOYAL TO A FAULT he was willing to die to let his true love be happy with someone else. But I hate that they made him Lucettes step brother. I mean, his curse is the reason Ophelia and the King got married in the first place. But once the spell was over shouldn't that have been redacted as well? Or like atleast explained? And because they are still technically "siblings" they can't truly be together. It's still sweet and I literally cried at the very end when I read the words "Would you like to dance?". I kid you not, with the artwork involved and the tone of the writing I broke down right next to my brother looking at me like a crazy person. Still romantic ending. 

Issue 2: TBH I didn't like Rumpel's route very much. I wasn't captivated, it didn't seem very heartfelt because he's always going into a comedic flirting place which always pulls you away from the seriousness of the story line (atleast to me). I also had sort of a hard time having a connection with a character named RUMPEL. 

Issue 3: I wanted a hookup. I wanted her to have a tryst with someone. She gets so close with Karma and Waltz. Maybe in DLC or something well have that chance. 

can only be described as amazing! I am very critical of most visual novel games, but this one is truly one of the best I have ever come across. I played it about a year ago, and this game is what got me more interested in similar games. 

If you are unsure about playing it or not, do it! if you are worried about a bad end then simply look up a walkthrough, or save before your choose. If a colored gem appears, that means you chose the correct answer in terms of getting a good end. I truly love this game and compare it to other games I play in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses because this game covered everything!

Only thing I would want to change is the ability to change the last name of the main character, but that isn't a big deal since the first name can be changed (that is always important in these games).

Not one to give out perfect scores because I believe that we are all human and mistakes are inevitable. However I genuinely do not find any aspects of this game that I am not amazed by. The graphics, sounds, art, detail are great. The story is full of emotion and has the perfect balance. While I did not enjoy all routes, they are not bad, simply not my taste. I can tell the difference between a poor story and one I simply am not interested in. There is something for everyone. It is clear and not confusing which i love. Lastly, it is free. Most games that give you a full story that you can simply read cost money but this is, in my opinion, what should be goal that other creators strive for.

Great work to the creators, and if you make more games like this in the future, I would be honored to play it.

Played this a year ago and still cannot forget UwU

Probably my favorite visual novel ever!


I've played a lot of visual novels in the last 6ish years, and I have yet to come across one as beautiful and mesmerizing as Cinderella Phenomenon. I'm kind of going to go into detail here so SPOILER ALERT lol.

The characters were one of my favorite aspects of the game. They feel so, real and unidealistic. Their flaws are just as projected as their strengths. The main character Lucette is a good example. She's seen as cold hearted and unsympathetic, however she's just being controlled by the aftermath of her mother's prolonged manipulation and emotional abuse.  Rod is standoffish and seems unforgiving but is protective and caring about those he loves. Karma is seen as vain and conceited but he just wants someone to love him and return his affectionate feelings. Rumpel wanted to help everyone he can but eventually stopped caring for himself properly. Fritz was haunted by his demons of wanting to be ideal in his fathers eyes (hence the formation of Varg, the son his father dreamed of), yet cares deeply for the princess. And Waltz, we need say not ;)

Not to forget this game had beautiful music and a storyline that had my eyes glued to the textbox. It was amazing and beautiful, I'd play it a hundred times over. I can't wait for Dicesuki's next game!!

I just finished everyone's routes (took me a week bcs i got busy) I loved it so much! Probably the best visual novel I've ever played. The story and characters are amazing, as well as the art. Some of thr routes made me cry bcs of well... you know... 

Anyway, I got all good ends (and Karma's bad end) but I can't get myself to do the other's bad ends because I love them so much ;-;

Great game! I'll probably play it again if I start to miss it. 

A big thank you to the developers for creating this fabulous game for us.  It is AMAZING! The effort put into this game is clearly evident in the art and plot. Kudos for making this game free so that everyone can enjoy it!

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I wish I could rate this game more than 5 stars because this game definitely deserves ALL of the stars and awards>o<


i finished this game! so now i wanna write my full thoughts on it, apologies in advance for how long this comment is.

i really enjoyed all of the characters! i definitely think, if you're going to go for all the routes, you should play them in the order that's recommended. (rod, karma, rumple, fritz, waltz.) i don't like getting info repeated to me, or having to sit through a route when you know some crucial thing but your character doesn't, and playing in that order minimizes it a lot. each route unveiled some more info that i didn't know yet, and the retreading of things you already know doesn't take that much time. waltz's route also definitely felt like a true ending.

when you play through every route you really end up loving everyone. somehow, rumpel went from a route that i thought i was just gonna play to complete the game, to one of my favorite characters... though all of the characters are basically my favorite characters now. rumpel and fritz's routes ended up making me fall in love with waltz before i even got to his own route. all of the routes are great, but waltz's and fritz's are a step above, tbh. if nothing else, you should play this game for their routes (and since you need to play 2 routes to unlock them, you might as well play all the routes!). fritz's made me almost cry about 3 times, and waltz's had me crying before i was even halfway through. the writing in this game is truly top notch.

i really want to specifically praise the way lucette's relationship with her father is written. i also have a very strained relationship with my own father, and i related maybe a bit too much to her in that sense. the writer(s?) handled it with a lot of grace and made it into something realistic and beautiful. thank you for that, genuinely. it really touched my heart.

this game has so much polish. considering its a free game, i was surprised. the right choice indicator, the little chimes that play as you hover over options, the beautiful art (i feel that rods sprites are especially well drawn), the intricate dialogue box, all of them give this real sense of class to the game. it genuinely feels like a visual novel i would be willing to pay $15-25 for. 

my only real gripes with the game would be:

1. the fact that you're still step siblings with rod no matter what ending you get. i dunno, i love rod, i like his personality, his design, his story, ect, but it feels odd to play a route where your mc is dating their own step brother. and it gets brought up multiple times in the text. i get that they arent blood related, but... it just sits strangely. also

 [SPOILER WARNING FOR ROD'S ROUTE] i wish it was covered somehow, is the king in love with ophelia solely because of rod's curse? did the king love her before, but only go to find her because of the curse? or did he have no clue she existed, but because of the deal rod made, he fell in love and sought her out? maybe it was implied, or said somewhere and i'm forgetting, but i would love to know. though i guess if it wasn't explained, it could always be explained in the sequel. [END SPOILER WARNING]

2. that theres not an annice route!!! holy crap i literally fell in love with annice as soon as she appeared. every time lucette was mean to her it hurt my very soul. i wouldn't even care if it was just a friendship route and not a romantic one, just lemme tell annice that i appreciate her, i respect her, i respect everything she does for the marchen... but i digress. 

to end this long as hell comment, this game is honestly amazing. i'm super excited for the sequel and i'll be waiting patiently for its release! i can't wait to return to the wonderful world you guys crafted. 


About king's relationship with Ophelia, you can find your answer in Rod route itself. SPOILER: Delora said that king married Lucette's mother, because she threaten him that she will kill Ophelia. So they was in love from very beging, when Rod do not even exist. And because it is something which we know from Delora (or Parfait? im sure it was one of them) this is not a curse-related knowledge  but truth.

I have not play Waltz and Fritz routes yet, but im sorry for Annice, Lucette never treat her really good, she was mean or not-so-bad for her but never truly kind (on this 3 routes so far), so yeah, definitivly she deserve more :D


I played this game a while back on steam. I absolutely love this game! One of my favorites!!

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