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Good. Now that I got that out of the way, it's time to gush about how much I adore this game. I've never been much into Japanese culture, anime, manga, or anything like that ever...but I stumbled across this. I've always liked the anime style art (and most of my friends draw that way) so I was like: Hm. Okay. I'm a big literature fan so when I saw that you only had to read and pick choices, I was down for it. And it has fluffy romance, which I'm also a big fan of. So I played it off Steam. And holy crap, I've been obsessed with it ever since I started playing. 

Again, I never had any interest in stuff like this, so this was my first ever visual novel (I hope I got that right). You guys really left a good impression :D


First of all, I absolutely adore the art and the music. Like, the music is so beautiful and gorgeous. I love the main character since in literature, you don't see main characters like Lucette. She's different; unique. And the way you guys slowly thaw her icy heart is admirable. Love her.  When I was playing, I was like: "Wow. You could really learn a lesson or two playing this." 

I love the storyline. I've always been a fan of fairytale retellings so you guys really hit the bull's eye. The twist with the fairies and witches working together was surprising (a good one) since most fantasy novels have them at each other's throats. 

I love the different movements each character has (Even sidecharacter) and I love when they blush. It's adorable. The scenes where it's like a picture (sorry, I dunno what they're called. I'm not much of a computer person) are gorgeous and stunning. Even the main menu is beautiful. I love how after you finish a character's route, their picture replaces the crystal. 

The fast-forward option is really useful when I'm going back to see the ending I didn't get so thanks for that! 


Now I'm going to talk about the different routes in the order I played them in. 

1. ROD The Little Mermaid - Honestly, this route is one of my favorites and not because I played it first. Characters that have a similar personality to him have always appealed to me. Oh! And yes, I do know that they're step-siblings but you guys did such a great job of handling it that it didn't feel gross...or weird. The good ending was honestly kind of dark. Yes, they're happy together, but they can't really be together since they're considered siblings and that literally made me cry since they're so cute together. His bad end was just terrible. Like terrible. It was heartbreaking and depressing and I really can't say anything anymore or I'll break out in tears. But he's my favorite (I really can't choose between him and Waltz tbh) AND SEBBY IS SO CUTE.

2. KARMA - Beauty and the Beast - I'll be straightforward about this. It was actually different to play his route at first 'cause I kept choosing the wrong choices. But he was really unique and I liked that. His curse was really unique as well, twisting the fairytale so there was a good side and a bad side. At first, I thought he was that stereotypical flirty character (no, that's Rumpel) but I was wrong. In fact, I really can't find a stereotype for him at all. His good ending was so nice. I was screaming with joy when I got it. But his bad ending was also heartwrenching. It was even worse than Rod's and since I played this second, I was like: O_O. Does this meant the other bad endings were darker? Aside from that, he's a great character and I can understand why so many people like him. 

3. RUMPEL - Rumpelstiltskin - Unfortunately, his route was my least favorite and the one I was least excited to play although I did it before Fritz and Waltz's because it was recommended. Flirty characters just never appealed to me and I didn't really like the thought of someone with Lucette's personality with someone with Rumpel's personality. But that's my opinion and I tend to have unpopular opinions. His good ending wasn't all that interesting to me so I'll just say that it's...meh. However, his bad ending got me crying too. Lucette didn't kill him like she did with Karma, but he still died. And even though, I didn't like his personality, his death got me crying too. AND PARFAIT. Her death...smh. 

4. FRITZ - The Little Red Riding Hood - This route is definitely more different than the other routes because you're technically romancing with two different guys although they're the same person. I took this one before Waltz's because 1. a lot of people online recommend it and 2. Fritz's personality is appealing. Even though Lucette was so cruel to him, he remained loyal to he. I was shocked when Varg came into the picture, I did not expect that. But as I played on, I warmed up to Varg and started to like him a bit more. The good ending to this was also dark and kinda sad. Varg erases himself so that Fritz could be with Lucette even though he loved her himself. It was sad. And his bad ending...well, it can kind of be a good ending for the Varg lovers. I dunno. But Varg ends up "killing" Fritz. It's also sad because he loves Lucette even though Lucette loves Fritz.  However, this one had so much more deaths than the other ones: Garlan, Delora (OMG) and Parfait (OMG) I definitely did not see the two character thing coming and congrats! You surprised me!

5. WALTZ - Peter Pan - Here we are. The one I was most excited to play after unlocking him. A lot of people say his good ending is the "true ending" and I'm not surprised why. The plot and conflicts are similar to those of a high fantasy novel (Oh, I promised to stop talking about books...oops.) and the climax is so tense. I couldn't find a stereotype for Waltz, but his personality is literally amazing. He is SO sweet! However, his route is definitely one of the more darker routes and his bad ending is probably the darkest one of them all. I hated it but loved it so much. His good ending thoughhhhhh. OH MY GOD that moonlight dance thing was just STUNNING. And I loved the scenes with the children. So cute! I hated how Parfait had to die thoughhhh.  And the bond between Lucette and her father had me in tears. They were going to make up but stupid Hildyr ruined it by killing him! Nevertheless, Waltz's route is definitely one of the best and I loved it! 

Yeah, so I can't choose between Rod and Waltz...They're both so good. I especially liked Rod and Emelaigne's bond. It shows that he can be caring :) I hated how Parfait had to die in almost every route though. 


I would recommend this game 100%. The characters (Even the side ones) are so unique and lovable. This game definitely left a good impression on me in terms of visual novels and the Japanese culture. 100% going to replay it. I literally finished the game in two could say I'm addicted. I heard there was going to be a fandisk that's like an epilogue to Cinderella Phenomenon and I'm excited for that. Although I heard you have to buy it. I'm still quite young, so I don't have my own credit card and I doubt my mother's going to allow me to spend money on games so I'll try to get it through a friend. I'm really excited for it either way! 

Sorry to every else for this long comment. I bet y'all didn't expect it to be like a review :) 

Thanks Dicesuki for giving me this wonderful experience!


awe man I love you guyssss

or should i say


how exactly do I allow pop ads to be able to download the game on windows 10?

Hello! We're sorry to hear about the inconvenience. Here is the link to the main file: Let us know if you're able to download it. 


Hi !

I have a question : 

I want the player to open the two-character love-loving way and finish them up to the end of the good-ending. And after that, open a way for a secret character. What code should I do in RENPY?


Hi I made a video with your game

Thanks for making it


Does anyone know why I can't install the game? It just starts loading then cancels it and now it's just sitting in my downloads :c


Are you using the Itch app? If so, try downloading it using your browser instead. It may work then.


I can't download this :(

Are you using the itch client? I've found that it works 99.9999999998% of the time for me (the 0.0000000002% is when my WiFi isn't working). 


This game I 100% recommend to anyone. The art work is absolutely flawless, and all the characters story lines make you hungry for more. My favorite route was Waltz. And i do also recommend playing it in order it really does help for a better understanding. My favorite part about this game has to be the creativity when it comes to these characters curses. Who would of thought to even use a fairy tale as a curse, i most defiantly wouldn't. That's why this game is truly a work of art. Defiantly a 10/10.


Alrighty. So this post might (will probably) get a big long but ONLY because of how passionate I am about this game after 100% completing it. 


There is so much praise that I can give to this game. First of all, for a game that is completely free to play, it is a great game and I am so thankful to everyone behind the game for it. It was a very enjoyable experience. 

The visuals and the music were well made and everything was very clean and well put together. I especially love the fast foward button, it makes getting the other endings more enjoyable and less tedious. 

The story and the characters. Now, I can't really choose a favorite character because they're all well written and I like all of them for different reasons. Obviously, some of the characters have more plot (the over-arching story) in them, but that's to be expected with this style of game. The story is also very well made. There are plenty of fairytale retellings but this one is unique and is a bit unforgettable. It's wonderfully distinct. I also love how it is not a pain to replay the game over and over again. Each time you play the story expands upon the world and the plot in different ways that makes it seem like you're playing for the first time again. Even with the knowledge from other routes, it's genuinely fun to play all the routes and go through all the options. By the end of completing the game, you really do have some attachment to the characters and by the time you reach some of the more intense moments, it really does hurt haha. 

I also love the writing of the main character, Lucette. Her progression towards learning how to be good seems very natural and her cold nature doesn't become annoying either. You can emphasize with her easily and even though I guess Lucette is supposed to be a blank for people to insert themselves into, I can really love Lucette as her own character as well. Her relationships with all of the other love interests too flow naturally and their romance seems solid and real. 


Now as much as I could go on about the great things about this game, there are some things that irked me a little. These are all just my personal opinions and I truly don't have any negative feelings towards this game. 

My main issue is with the choice system. Obviously, there is a good choice and a bad choice which will lead to their respective endings. However, it is a bit tedious that, as far as I can tell, you need to select ALL of the good choices to get the good ending. Therefore, in all of my playthroughs, I got the bad endings first then went back for the good ending. The fast foward button relives this issue a lot, but still, possibly basing the results of the choices on the number of right or wrong choices would've been better?

Another gripe with the choice system is that the choices don't necessarily feel like they matter. In terms of the game, of course they do matter, they determine the end of the story. But, in plot terms, they don't matter. In the story, it doesn't matter if you buy the right item or run in the right direction because no matter what option you choose, they both lead to the same dialogue. The story progresses in the same way, the characters still fall in love, everything is the exact same from Chapters 3-9 no matter your choice. This is why for me at least, the endings can be a bit jarring. There is no sign that you not choosing the right choice would lead you to noe recognize your love interest or run in the wrong direction. Even if you chose all of the right choices, you could give it the bad ending and it wouldn't seem off. When going back for the good endings, I sometimes thought, "These actions are competely independent of Lucette's relationship and could've easily happened whether you chose the right choices or not". 

That is much more of a nitpick however, because adding additional dialogue, CGs, and story would've made it a much bigger project and maybe wouldn't be so generously free. And for the choose your own adventure story this game is, this choice system is not bad at all. This is just a comment if hypothetically the game were to be expanded upon; to possibly have Lucette and the romantic interest to not fall in love or to have a strained relationship. 


I really did love playing this game. I fell in love with the characters, plot, and the world. Each route was well written and made sure you weren't bored with the story. The good far outweighs the bad. This is a great visual novel and I am still amazed that it is all for free. I definitely recommend for others to play this.

Usually, I am not really into fairytale retells but this one here is so creative, there is not any book you could compare to this interesting story. I downloaded it for free a few days ago and completed it last night. Absolutely fell in love with the creative really different stories. 

I enjoyed that even it all had the same goal, each story really was independent and strong on its own and you never felt like you really just picked the love interest but also got five really different stories.  So for me, it was fun to actually go back and play it again. After completing it I just really wanted to get the artbook as a memory and also having one of th pics now as my phone screen.  

This game is clearly one I would play and read again as it's a beautiful story with interesting characters. 


played it for free and came back to donate, cuz i'm pretty sure this is gonna be my favorite otome game, forever. loved the mc for being more than just another naive sweetheart, and loved even more the variety and uniqueness of all the romancable characters. awesome story and art, too. rare i have no complaints about a game, but there it is :P

The game won't download for me?? Like, I'll click Install and then it'll start installing before cancelling. Right now it's just sitting there in my Downloads. :/ I'm not getting any messages from Ad blocker or Malware or whatever so I doubt it's that. I really wanted to try this game out!!

same for me!

This is happening to me too :c

This was absolutely utterly amazing! I've currently played 4/5 of the routes, my favourite was rod at first .. but waltz aaaaah <3

I'm also quite blown away by the piano music, "Forgotten" especially takes a toll on my heart :') Is there any sheet music available for it? I play the piano and I'd love to learn it so much :')

Thank you so much for creating this game, it probably ruined all other otome games for me since i'll never find one this good again, but who cares! I'll always have it in my heart <3

Any chance you could make the android version downloadable here, as an APK file? I know it's buggy, but I've already played the game all the way through, it's just more convenient to have on mobile and this is definitely a game worth replaying. I found it available on a couple other sites, just with a google search, but TBH I'd feel much better downloading it from here. 

Thanks for the great game!

Hi! Sorry I'm not part of the team or anything, but I'm pretty sure they said at some point the android port was unofficial, so they didn't actually make it.

I loved this game, this is one of my favorite visual novel I played so far and I play a lot of them!!! x3 I loved how the game made the character grow, Lucette was my favorit of them all which which is rare, since I feel most of the female protagonist are lacking or just not strong.

 Lucette is none of that and she is one of the character that grew the most through this game. You can really understand why she is how she is and I will feel attached to her.  Of course all the other characters are really well developped too. :)

Exploring the story was really fun and there wasn't a time where I got bored of it. ^^ The art is beautiful and the story is as rich or even more then very expensive otome games.

All the interactions between the character were natural and really made the story even more interesting. I also like how it's not some game where everything go well and is all happy go round.

I really love and admired this master piece frome Dicesuki!!! <3

I really recommand it to any fan of visual novel! ;)

This is a great name, beautifully done. There is actual character growth through out the entire game. My favorite thing about each route is that your character is learning to love, while at the same time teaching the guy she's pursuing how to love too. It held my interest the entire time. Props to everyone involved in this, but particularly the writers. Great job!

This, is hands down my favorite otome game.

I really, really love how every routes has their own unique story and doesn't only copy paste. I really adore all the characters, they are all so precious and I especially admire Lucette and her character growth throughout all the routes. The art is really stunning and the plot is just worth playing over and over again. I'll never get bored.

I really admire how, despite this game being free-to-play it feels like an expensive commercial game. I thank you so much for making this game and I'm terribly sorry for not being able to pay because I'm still a student that lives in a country that doesn't allow students to work so, yeah...

I'm looking forward to your next games and hopefully I can buy it with my own money next time. Cheers!

This game was amazing it was one of my first pc otome games I downloaded it ealier this year. Sorry I had much going on and couldn't comment about this wonderful game. The forbidden love between you and your step brother. The twists of the beast. Your handsome loyal guard who seems like a dog but is more a wolf. The twists of an amesiac man with a sly devilish tongue. The curse of the man who can't was all a wonderful tale. I would look forward to another one if you ever make one. The game is full of surprises. I play it again when I'm bored or when I can't remember some of the scenes. I love how the female protagonist is not some weak pathetic little gir who is looking for a love story. She had a rough life and has her own demons and while curing her demons she helps those around her!!!! The bad endings were not predictable which was even more amazing. Hoping you come out with a new game soon!!!

I love this game - from the artwork to the characters to the plot - I never got tired replaying this, trying to get the different endings, and it wasn't a copypasta either.

I'm so happy this game is free but it's such good quality I wish I paid for it. I look forward to more games from your company!!! And I'm gonna be playing this one over and over.

Wow, what a beautiful game! It's polished and gorgeous and lovely. Thanks for making it!


Hi, i really want to play the game but itch won't let me download it. I press install, and it starts to download- but the flickers back to saying 'install'  and stops downloading.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, I had the same problem when trying to download the game but i found a work around.  You can download it from the itchio when its opened in your browser, it will take a while but it will eventually download.  After that open your downloads and right click on the Cinderella Phenomenon and then select Extract all.  This is just because the game is a compressed file format.  Thats how I got it to work for me at least.  Hope it works for you too!

Edit: Also you will have to open it directly from your computers downloads, somewhat inconvienient but a small price to pay to enjoy this wonderful game.

Ahh, thank you! It worked. Can't wait to play ^^

This game made me cry so many times because it kept punching me relentlessly right in the feelings, but it was worth it. ;-;  I may or may not have been binge-playing for two days straight.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS VIRTUAL NOVEL. It's my absolute favorite that I've ever played. The characters, the music, the artwork, the script... I would honestly rate everything a 10/10. There are very few games where I fall in love with every single romantic option, but this is one of them. <3  I enjoyed playing every route equally and it was an AMAZING experience because of that. 

You're amazing at what you do!

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i had  been playing this game for 3 days and all the time i spent completing those routes was worth it. i can't even begin to explain how good and well-made this is. every little detail that was spent into this game didn't go unnoticed. the efforts of the creators to make a game possessing high quality graphics and an incredible story definitely paid off as i am certain that everyone who decided to download and play this game was not disappointed. i don't even know how i'm forming sentences right now. i just finished the 5 routes and am in complete spazz mode over how amazing that experience was, so forgive me if i sound repetitive or as if i'm spouting incoherent sentences. 

OK FIRST OFF: THE CHARACTERS. GOD I LOVE ALL OF THEM. and yes, when i say all, i mean all of them! even the villains and the side characters. THEY ARE ALL SO LOVABLE. i can tell how each character was not merely present to serve as plot device  but each of them had their own complexities, their own insights, their own opinions and ideals that they wish to come true. even though this is fictional in every way, i found myself often feeling empathy for the characters. 

SECOND OF ALL: THE SCRIPT.  the way each setting and each action was described was so vivid and well-executed that i literally had to stop and pause the game several times, because i couldn't take in the beauty of the words being used. they were used so effectively in a way that really captures the emotions of the situation being presented in the game.

AND FINALLY: THE GRAPHICS. like how????? the special scenes were too beautiful that sometimes i felt like i didn't deserve to look at them iabdabdabuf. several times, i found myself gasping and just shaking my head at the magnificence of the graphics. this art style has won my heart so many times and i am so happy because it suited the story really well.

also, i suggest that you follow the recommended playing order, because there are some pieces of information about other routes that will be revealed to you which might decrease the suspense factor of the plot. 

that being said, here's the list of the routes from my most favorite to least. 


  1. Waltz
    1. i feel like this is inevitable since he is pretty much endgame just basing from the opening itself. the special scenes with waltz (ESPECIALLY THAT ONE IN THE FOREST OHMYLORD) are so precious that even though i promised to stay loyal to rod, i found myself swooning over him. also, i find that my character's relationship with him is the most adorable out of the others. also, this route has the best ending, because everything felt resolved and there was enough closure with each character. this is also the only route in which i get to actually experience an overdue confrontation with the king and that part made me bawl hard.
  2. Fritz
    1. was this expected too?? lol but this is less because of fritz himself and more because of varg. i got so attached to him (maybe because i'm naturally drawn to bad boy types idk) even though i tried to resist because i knew he was going to vanish in the end. :-( now i'm sad again. i legit cried over varg after finishing this route for like 10 minutes because he didn't deserve that ending ;-; this route probably has the worst ending imo but it was worth it. at least i got some special scenes with varg ;u;
  3. Rod
    1. THOSE HATE-TURNS-TO-LOVE RELATIONSHIPS ALWAYS GET ME. and rod is so freaking cute!!! he's the type i always immediately get attracted to in otomes. (short, blonde hair, blue eyes, kinda looks like a shota, you get the picture) i don't like the ending tho. i hate it when the endings seem temporary and unsure :-(
  4. Karma
    1. i thought he was going to be the playboy type at first but i was so wrong lol i love how overprotective he is (literally everyone in this game was but) and how much he cares for my character despite being selfish. as it was stated in the game itself, my character relates with him the most and they improved together which is so cute.
  5. Rumpel
    1. ok this route was cute, but for some reason, i couldn't empathize with rumpel's character that much. i understood his ideals and his principles, but out of all the other relationships, i felt like this one was the most unnatural or misfitting. i just felt like they weren't suited for each other??? idk

OK FINALLY I'VE SPAZZED EVERYTHING OUT OF MY SYSTEM THANK GOD. and also, A BIG THANK YOU TO THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS GAME. you guys will be remembered as our otome saviors. but in all seriousness, i love you for making this amazing game and for being such skilled and talented people. please make more. 

edit: i've left the game running for an hour in the background now, because i don't want to quit it. the game affected me this much.

edit 2: i'm still listening to the music in the background lol sfienfiewni

edit 3: how does one get over a game and move on with their life

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I'll try to keep it short for everyone's benefit since I have a tendency to be too wordy... PHENOMENAL game. The story is very captivating and unique- it definitely sucks you in. Such a fantastic twist to the tales we've grown up with.  I honestly can't get enough of it and wish there were more games/novels like it! My praise and thanks to the author/developer!

oh my gods, im just so smitten with this game. i followed the recommended play order (definitely well done, waltz to end it off was just so satisfying an ending) and as i was writing this the little credits cut scene that i won't spoil popped up and yeah, i'm just so happy that this game exists

Hey, so I absolutely adore this game. I have two questions:

1. Do you have any other games like this out/in the works?

2. Will there ever be a way to be with Varg? Like as a future update or DLC? Because I will happily pay for DLC to date that boi because I became reallyyy attached to him after Fritz' route and it pains me that he dies in all endings. 


Amazing game, great work! Love the song in the beginning! Is it possible to get that one?

Also, will you be making more like this?

I'm confused, do I have to have a winzip to open this game? I'm not in a position where I can pay for anything like that .... Can I play without buying a winzip?

Hello. We use winrar for these type of files. This may prompt you to buy the product when you open a .rar or .zip files but you can always ignore that and proceed with the extraction. So there's no need to buy the product itself.

7ZIP is a free to use program that works like a charm, too!

An amazing story with lively characters and an interesting plot. The art is easy on the eyes while also potraying the intensity and emotions of the scene. I related way more to the protaganist then I'd like to admit and all of the routes are very enjoyable, sometimes pushing me to tears with the bad endings. A solid 10/10 would play dicesuki games again.


I really really love the ending song (the one which you play in the credits) and I am wondering if there is a piano sheet for that. *facepalms* 

Don't ask; I just love it too much. 

Hello there!

Here's the piano sheet for the ending song:

(1 edit)

Neat story and art so far! I look forward to following the story even deeper & I hope you guys do to! Keep up the amazing visual novels im growing more fond of them!


I absolutely adore this game. Please release another game like this!! I would pay millions to play a game that Dicesuki makes!!!!!! XD 

I really love this game! I got so addicted that I finished all the good endings xD


just wanted you to know that this game rocks, i absolutely love the concept it's a really unique take on fairy tales. i've been playing this game on repeat and i can't wait for the sequel. i also wanted to know if you have any idea on the release date for that so i can start a countdown. ;)


I absolutely loved the game! The characters, the routes, and storylines, yes! Karma is the best! XD


now this a real otome game !!! I've never played a perfect game like this it made me laugh and cry ! this game will have a great place in my heart especially Waltz he is soo daamn cool T_T I cant help it I have fallen in love with him even thought I'm freaking gay !!!!  I only fall in love with fictional boys. anyways thank you so much for making this game <3 


I love this game, it was my very first otome game ever and i absolutely loved it, it's a really really well made game, all the characters are lovely and the MC development is great. Even now, after i have been playing many other otome games, this one still holds a special place for me. Partly because it was the first otome game i have played but also because it was  a truly great  game. Can't wait for the sequel to release!!


My first reaction: "wait this is free?" Second recction: "...Is this a beta..?"

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Awesomely lovely game! much to my surprise this wasn't a fanservice silliness or any nonsense of that kind but a nice, thoughtful otome that takes fairy tales and does soething creative with them. The Mc reverses ciderella concept and goes from riches to rags and from cold-hearted to kind - i love her character development. Each route is a different fairy tale. 

I like the stories Character and stories are lovely, each character teaches Lucette differnetly, a different thing, from a different angle - I LOVE that. Lucette goes through a great character development, she is a well-defined character in her own right, and I do like her, particularly because of her development and hiw she learns to be different, kinder - i love this part a lot. I still haven't played all routes but Karma is my favourite story so far - good, thoughtful take on one of my beloved fairytales ever. Rod has an important story to tell and an inportant lesson and he's a really lovely charater too.. I like Rumpel a lot too - in fact I love how rounded his story is, he definitely becomes a favourite right after Karma!    But but (EDIT) : Waltz take tops spot. Hre's the best, i love him to bits!! Fritz is very interesting too but it's Waltz who steals the show for me, he's the best.  Thanks for this game, i really enjoyed it so much.  In order:  Waltz --------- then Fritz ------Karma.--------Rumpel. I liked Rod least. I loved Waltz completely, I'll alwayus treasure his story. 


This was by far my favorite visual novel I've ever had the honor of coming across! The storyline is absolutely fantastic, and the main character was just so relatable (not to mention adorable!) I've played all the routes, but I still fell in love with my first choice (Karma). Thank you so much for making this game!

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