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IMPORTANT NOTE: This game description contains spoilers for those who have not played the original Cinderella Phenomenon storyline. Cinderella Phenomenon: Evermore is a fandisk* and follows storylines that occur two years after the original game’s good endings. We highly recommend you play the original game for a full understanding of the world and characters. 

* A fandisk is akin to an extended epilogue. This FD contains five chapters of additional content that occur after the good endings of the original game.


Two years after the events of Cinderella Phenomenon, Crown Princess Lucette of Angielle is still learning to grow into her roles as a ruler and the Tenebrarum Bearer. After breaking her Fairytale Curse and saving her kingdom, Lucette believed she had finally gotten her fairytale ending.

…But what happens after Happily Ever After?
It turns out true love is a lot more complicated than the fairytales make it seem. Join Lucette as she learns to navigate both life and love in a kingdom forever changed by the Fairytale Curses.


  • Customizable Name
  • Main and side characters from the original game
  • Two new side characters with their own backstories
  • 5 Routes, each with a unique storyline
  • 10 Endings (one Good and Best for each route)
  • 35+ Unlockable CGs
  • Original Theme Song
  • Right Choice Indicator

Gameplay Notes

All routes are available to play at the start of the game. Please note that the story of Cinderella Phenomenon: Evermore expands on the events of the original game, Cinderella Phenomenon and that all routes begin two years after the good endings from the original game.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Dec 22, 2020
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(130 total ratings)
AuthorsDicesuki, Sitraxis
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, Dating Sim, otoge, Otome, otome-game, Ren'Py, Romance
LinksBlog, Community, Twitter, Steam


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this Visual Novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 1.1
Evermore-mac-1.1.zip 682 MB
Version 1.1

Development log


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I've already purchased it from here, but I prefer to collect achievements. So does this mean I have to buy it again separate? Or am I somehow able to get like a steam key?

Can I complete one storyline and jump directly to this game? Will it be spoiled if I do that?

I literally think that it's completely fine to do that.  I wish I had thought to do that...  Eh.

Example: Of all the events that took place in Waltz's route (1st game) -> they just follow up with them in Evermore...  (Other routes too/not just his).

There shouldn't be much worry as there isn't a big reminder of what really happened.  It's two years into the future and how the characters are getting on and such.  :>


Will this work on an M1 Mac? I wanted to buy it on Steam today but there's always the writing of 'This game wont work with Mac OS Catalina 10.15 and above'


I'm just waiting for me to turn 18 and have access to my own money so I can spend it on buying games I have eyes on forever ToT. Right now this has just added to my really long list


Ah yes the pains of been a bankrupt teen who has to wait for an eternity for this...

Welp I suppose I'll just have to be bankrupt and read the random blog posts on this...


woe is me


Cannot load the saved file.

Every time I try to load the data, the system turned into Rolledback mode   

Like same, and I can't find out why.



Since I'm still 14 I guess I should save money :'( how much is 9.99 USD in Philippine Pesos- 

Ahem- so I searched it on google- and it's 523.47php  :)) I only have 189php :') I guess I need to save money :) BUT I'LL BE RICH AND BUY THIS IN THE FUTURE- I REALLY LOVE THE CINDERELLA PHENOMENON- SO I WAS EXCITED WHEN I SAW THIS- BUT I NEED TO BUY IT TO PLAY IT- BUT I KNOW IT WILL BE WORTH IT >-< 

I'll come back here when I'll become 15 and buy this :> 


Hey, do you have a Twitter or Steam handle I can message you at? I'm more than happy to buy this game for you! Especially since I know how it feels to not be able to buy something you'd like to support at that age. Though unfortunately itch requires I have your email to gift it to you and I wouldn't want you to post that out in the open 😭)



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Yeah, and it's not embarrassing at all! I just wish I was able to just send it to you directly though like on Steam 😭. I'll hit you up on twitter with it then, it's np! Also make sure to open your DMs on there so I can message you!




It's all good! Can you direct message me on Twitter? It says your dms are off still so I'm not able to message you😭

Its been a year, I still playing this during my free time lol. I really love the art and the plot

We need justice for the poor who can't afford beauties like these games- JUSTICE FOR THE POOR- JUSTICE FOR THE POOR!!!! Not the game bragging cause I can't buy it cause I am poor with all this beautiful pictures on the side!!!!!!




Cinderella Phenomenon was my first ever otome to play and I loved it. It's my favorite game. I am really excited to play this game!!! Especially Karma's route. 

same and same xD but honestly i liked the main game WAY more than this fandisc 

I like the game so far. Just now wishing that there was a walk though lol.


By chance, are these games, the first and this one, going to be converted for Androids? 

Totally okay with it not, but I thought I'd ask.

I love the game but the game doesn't save any data (including in save files).

If you get it from steam, it saves data. 


I am SO EXCITED to play through all of this!! I absolutely fell in love with the first game and I know I will love this one just as much! Thank you guys so much for putting together such an amazing game <3

hi, I'm encountering a blocked permissions error after extracting the windows zip folder. thank you

hello, is there someone i can email about this? thank you

Hihi, big fan of Cinderella Phenomenon here! I remember being so excited that there was a sequel coming out and now that it's here...it's still a surprise!

Anyways, to cut to the chase, my amazing friend bought me this as a gift on Steam. I was so excited to play it and immediately went to the Waltz Route first but one thing I noticed was that I couldn't see Lucette's portrait at all. Sometimes it would flash faster than a second on screen and then disappear. In addition, Waltz's sprite also didn't show up at all but the supporting character's sprites do. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my copy or if it's just a bug because it's the same for the other routes.

Please let me know what I can do to fix this, thank you!


let's just say that jas 6 months ago would've sobbed cuz she didn't have money to buy this game but now that SHE HAS AN INCOME... :D

can't wait to play this game after buying it from steam pretty soon! although i'm busy with college i'll make time for it and risk it all LOL

Hello I played the game and it's awesome.

I really liked Fritz's route, in the first game I was a little disappointed but in Evermore I'm totally satisfied ! 

But yeah there is a problem : where is the 1.1 version ? It was supposed to be posted 34 days ago but the 1.1 version does not appear for mac version and for pc and linux version.

Where can we find it when we don't have Steam ? Thank you !

(2 edits) (+7)

I should preface this review by saying that I feel oddly protective of this game and its creators. I've played every route in the first installment of Cinderella Phenomenon about 20 times for free and have had countless hours of enjoyment from the series, so I was definitely ready to pay $10 for the next installment of the game. Honestly, this game feels more like bonus content for the first game than a separate game, but I’m ok with that. I’ve logged 50+ in the first game without paying a single cent, so for me, spending $10 for a bit of extra fluff content with my favorite LIs was more than worth it.

Do not expect an entirely different game- it is very much a (delightful) continuation of the first series. In my opinion, you need play the first game before beginning this one, as it provides necessary context to all of the routes. If I didn’t play the first game, I may doubt the price, but again, the first game was free and I feel completely comfortable paying $10 for bonus content for a game I have enjoyed for so long.


TLDR: The price is worth it if you enjoyed the first game, which is completely free. 

I downloaded the itchio version of the game and i'm loving it so far! it's nice to see the banter between lucette and klaude being light and flirty. Though, there's still a bug of lucette's sprite appearing after most of the lines of dialogue during chapter one when she's talking to em and rod? i read that the bug was fixed, but it seems to keep happening?

(1 edit) (+1)

I really loved the first game! and have been looking forward to this since forever! I am sad I can't buy it yet but I will wait no matter how long! (for discounted  sale offers on itchio specifically, I can only hope><) I love this game so much I really hope the best for your group and I am really looking forward to more from you! I first played locked hearts and also loved it, it practically led me to the original cinderella phenomenon!


Possibly silly question, but since the game is also on Steam, would it be possible to provide a Steam key with the purchase? 

Hi, just bought this game on steam and I'm loving the game so far but I'm having a bit of a problem with the resolution. The character's outlines and details are blurry, both in windowed and full screen mode. Is there anyway I can adjust the resolution?


i cant even get this game because it isn't compatible for my laptop


SHut. UP. Cinderella Phenomenon was the very first VN I played. It's what got me into it. And now there is this. God freakin bless lol

Not sure if this is where we should post about bugs, but I've noticed a few times that Lucette's sprite will pop up for a split second in between dialogue boxes when someone else is talking, when it's clearly not supposed to. This happened at various points in Rod's route, and I'm now playing Karma's route and I've noticed the same thing as well (ie: when Lucette is talking with Emmaline about what to name the special b-day cocktail)

Has anyone else noticed the same thing?


Yepp, I've also noticed the same thing

Yeah, it sounds like this "Lucette Bug" may have been fixed in the 1.1 version of the game, but although that may be the one on Steam and they said it should be available on itch.io...I can only see version 1.0.2 on itch, which still has the bug 😅. I don't think they've properly changed the download link for the newest version on itch.io--either that, or the Lucette Bug is not, in fact, fixed yet 🙃


Thank you for your hard work. I just have finished playing Rod's route, and i'm so happy. He is my favourite, so i just cried a lot when some events occured. Still i need to do the other's route, but i just wanted to comment this, and once again; thank you for your hard work.


So I finished all routes and I love this game as much as CP! Well worth the prize, especially considering the original is free AND amazing. 
I used the opportunity to also replay each prequel route before its happily ever after~ Embarrassing for me to say, I did all this in like 3 days. But that's how good and addictive these games are! The art is really pretty but what captivated me originally and still captivates me most is the writing and the depth of characters, all of them having flashed out personalities and backstories, including the bad guys, even if not all was shown in CP. I really enjoyed the additional family stories in several routes in Evermore! And you made me cry a couple of times when old deaths were mentioned ;; Also loved how there was always additional conflict, someimtes more, sometimes less, besides the romance development, but we also got updates on how the side characters and other love interests were doing! 

Play order recommendation: 
I played Klaude's route first, and after that, all the Brugantia references became funny, so I recommend you do that!
Also, while there's no "true route" this time, I still recommend leaving Waltz for last, especially his good/normal end, it gives such a nice wrap-up of the game! (For this reason, I might have enjoyed the good ending more than the best ending in his case!)

Slightly spoilered fangirling time!
Personally, I feel like the person who most needed a sequel was Fritz, because I didn't see the depth of his character in CP, with his "good" and "bad" sides separated. Seeing him as one complex person made me like him a lot more. I loved seeing his cheeky and seductive side as part of him now. His route was among my faves! I've now also seeing a parallel between Waltz's and Fritz's stories, the guilt they deal with, and their relationship to Lucette. I feel so bad for Fritz, since his route in CP goes so much worse ;; 
Also, Rod! Such a mature young man! I also loved seeing him older, he's become really attractive! I was curious how the obstacle of being step-siblings would be cleared, and I was so proud of how he resolved and handled things! I really enjoyed his route, and came to love his character more than before. But I laughed how he went from commoner to prince to commoner again then crown prince. :D


Totally agree with you!!!


Played through Chev, Rod and Karma so far and I can't stop smiling!!!! What an amazing after-story for Cinderella Phenomenon - worth every cent!!! Every part of this is made with so much love and care, and WOAH the redrawn sprites... Who made Rumpel hot!!! (Thank you Dicesuki.) I loved seeing how much the characters have grown, how they deal with more mundane issues (if running a kingdom can be considered 'mundane'), and the characters interacting. And the fluff. Oh my god, everyone is so cute.

Evermore is the closure that I didn't think I needed, but it turns out, I do. I haven't even gone through Fritz and Waltz's routes yet!!!

Looking forward to whatever else Dicesuki decides to do in the future!


Just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful story and experience. I just finished the game and i gotta say, i couldn't be happier. It was worth the wait; thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for creating such a beautiful novel for us to enjoy <3. 

I really hope i get to play another visual novel from Dicesuki in the future. You guys are amazing. 


My friend and I just finished playing the Waltz route and we were disappointed. This feels like a continuation of the good end of the route rather than its own story/a sequel, and as a result it was pretty boring because nothing really happened. Because of this + the shorter runtime, the game was not worth $10 IMO. 


* A fandisk is akin to an extended epilogue.


Really? I mean, i even think the game is way cheaper than it should be. Have you played visual novels from bigger companies? Like Otomate? Each one of their games costs, at least $25. Besides all, what jennyxxfasho said it's true. Evermore was never meant to be a complete sequel, it was just a Fan Disk, which meant, a little extension on the epilogue from the first game. 

I just finished the complete game and i gotta say i'm more than happy with the development each of the routes got. I really hope you can see everything from another perspective, and enjoy and appreciate the work that Dicesuki has put on this visual novel.


Good explanation, ickyvickytorial. Others finding the game who are not familiar with the genre or with fan disks in particular would benefit from understanding this. The review above would also be helpful for them to know what to expect from this individual fan disk. (It is not inherent to "extended epilogue" that a game be uninteresting, so there is still value in sharing this experience.)

That said, it takes an undue amount of bad faith to assume the reviewer would play through the entirety of the first Cinderella Phenomenon and buy the second game if they did not appreciate or weren't impressed with Dicesuki initially. People have high expectations if they were previously impressed. With that in mind, it is just another review (as for the interpersonal approach to the game devs that many of us seem to have- I find it very kind, but there is no moral imperative to adopt that in favor of a vender-consumer mindset. As such, we do not need to judge people for using the latter. I noticed a similar response to Anime_4_life's super innocuous and supportive comment below. I did not expect that the other fans would be so defensive, and toward someone clearly enamored with the game). I am glad that you and others found value in the game and found meaning in the experience.


You're right that it was much shorter and didn't have much of an arc - I would've loved to see more happen in the routes with some of the subplots introduced in the previous game, like Lucette's relationship with her father, or more of a focus on the Tenebrarum and magic (I haven't played all the routes though, so maybe other routes have more). But, Evermore does specifically say it's not a full sequel - it's marketed as a fandisk, so there's no point in expecting it to be something it's not. Since it's still in development, maybe the devs might add more, which would be awesome, but they also might not.

Also...we got Cinderella Phenomenon for FREE. I would gladly have paid $20 for it, so the $10 I paid for Evermore feels like I'm paying the devs back for the amazing job they did on CP.


It is indeed a good opportunity to pay the devs our thanks for even the original CP and a good way to support them outside of patreon.


I found it boring too. I know all about fandisks and all that, but I found myself not caring about which ending I got or what happened in them. I’ve been playing I otome  games for over a decade and I’ve purchased extended epilogues and have read translations of materials that extend the epilogue, so I do know what I’m talking about. I’ve read much more interesting after stories before. Even in the middle of the route I signed and said “this is so boring” . I only managed to get through two routes. It didn’t meet the high standard that I had in the original game, so I was very disappointed. I won’t say it’s a bad game, but I didn’t think it was worth the money I paid for it. Disappointed.

That sounds quite reasonable. I thought that the same amount of writing (and art) could be reworked to be much more interesting. I found it a bit boring seeing everyone fawn over each other for 6 chapters when the original game had so much more character. I'm not really a fan of the genre but that game proved itself to be more than what it seemed at first glance. It's good to hear that other fan disks have done more to expand the material in these games!

I would like to know how I can pay if my card has a different currency, can you tell me ?


I just finished playing Waltz's route and I would just like to inform that there is a spelling mistake at the last choice in the story! Just letting you know since it might've just slipped past without noticing :)

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Been playing and loving it! Weird question, but could you change the "normal and best endings for each route"  to "good and best ends for each route" in the description above?

I know I'm a special breed of dumb, but I got what is labelled in game as good endings first for Klaude and Rod and thought the other ending was the normal ending. I tried so hard to get no affection points but never got a worst ending. So I decided to move onto Chevalier and was super surprised when credits started rolling. Checked the achievement screen and...yeah. The endings are good and best not normal and best. I mean, admittedly I'm stupid...just wanna help others like me. If there are any. LOL.


I originally played Cinderella Phenomenon back in 2017, and I have since gone back to it multiple times over the years as it as by far the best otome games I've ever played. You can imagine my happiness to see this released! I have only played three of the five routes so far, but returning to the world of CP has brought me so much joy after following the progression of Evermore over the years. Thank you, Dicesuki!


LOVED IT! I've been anxiously waiting for the game since it was announced, and though I've only played Rod's route so far it was great. Some slight glitches and a somewhat abrupt ending, but overall awesome. :)


I fell in love with Cinderella Phenomenon at the start of the quarantine and it has brought me so much joy. To finally have the sequel right before Christmas is a blessing. Thank you so much for your hard work! I've finished Klaude's route and Fritz's-- It's been great so far! There are a few bugs (Lucette popping in and out is one) but nothing too distracting from the lovely story. Thank you once again, dicesuki! I'm looking forward to more of your works in the future!

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